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Power up your Electric Cart and Save Energy

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Update 08.10.12 HELP US REACH OUR GOAL.

There are 40 days remaining in our campaign, with your donations we can reach out goal. Thank you in advance.

The Team

David Darling, an Electrical Component Specialist, and Paul Valenzuela a former Marine Corps Sergeant, live in Phoenix, Arizona. They created Magne Generator with a primary focus to design innovative generators that can deliver power and save money while reducing the continuous need for fossil fuels. Thus, the Wheel Turbine Generator came to be developed.
Magne Generator was started six years ago on a dime and a prayer. (and boy have we prayed a lot!!) We have dug deep in our own pockets (do you know how much lint you can find that way?) and got help from family and friends. They believe in the project, our purpose, and us. Right now we are a small fish in the pond, but plan to swim with the big fish in the ocean.
Magne Generator's project is one of 140 selected nationwide as a semifinalist in the Cleantech Open competition. On our site, we will keep our Supporters informed of our progress, let's get together and win this competition.

The Competition

Cleantech Open Global Ideas competition is a search for breakthrough Cleantech ideas in one of six industry categories; air water & waste, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, smart power and transportation. Entrants answer questions online and develop a short venture pitch on video. Through regional and national competition rounds, the best teams progress to the Global Finals in Silicon Valley on the 8th and 9th of November 2012. From Saturday 10th to Wednesday 14th November, the international teams will participate in training, mentoring sessions and additional activities that will connect them to potential partners, customers and investors from Silicon Valley and around the world.
Paul at Cleantech Open

The Plan

As we move into the future, many of our younger consumers and die-hard environmentalists, are more aware of how our environment continues to be negatively impacted. This effect is caused by the use of fossil fuel vehicles. We all are, and should be, ready to make a green change.
Increasingly, the desire for clean energy in the automobile industry is becoming one of the hottest topics in sustainability and political discussions in the United States.
The integration of Magne Generator's "On-board Frictionless Regenerative Brake-by-Wire system" will make electric vehicles more practical. It will help reduce the need for gasoline and minimize greenhouse gas emissions produced by competitive fossil fuel vehicles. Our initial focus is on the golf cart industry because of the simplicity and scalability potentials and later we will apply to full-size vehicles.

The Power

Once installed, the generators will provide additional power to extend the distance the cart can travel. The generator will allow the generated power to be used or stored for later use.
The generators are a Kinetic Energy Recovery System performing as a Frictionless Regenerative Brake, which allows all wheels to initiate braking using its unique frictionless process. Competing systems are developed as motor/generators and integrated into the power train similar to the Toyota Prius.
  • The Magne Generator system is mounted on each wheel, so there are four sources of regenerative power expected to deliver a 15-20% increase in range
  • Simple design uses few moving parts improving performance life
  • Low production and installation costs
  • Extends the life of conventional brake systems and reduces brake maintenance
  • Using all four wheels for braking, this increases the stability and safety of the vehicle as it stops
  • The system produces power as the vehicle is in motion
  • The system will operate and produce energy at all speeds
  • Decreases the need for recharges for short use vehicles
For 111 years, electric cars that rely only on a battery - "pure EVs" - have had a range of only 40-50 miles and the humble golf car has been the only type selling in hundreds of thousands every year. On-board power generation, better batteries, innovations, and construction of charging stations are extending the ranges EVs can travel.
Universities, federal, state, and city governments, amusement parks, golf courses, and large companies all use small carts. This industry (golf, security, and maintenance) have to charge their vehicles on a daily basis. By extending the range these vehicles can travel before recharge, along with reducing charge time, will lessen the cost to the consumer and diminish the drain on the power grid.
The electric vehicle industry - land, water and air - is rapidly rising to become a huge market of over $200 billion in 2022. Some run entirely on harvested energy, like solar lake boats. Others recycle energy with regenerative braking of cars, buses and military vehicles harvesting kinetic energy.
It's a great time to get involved in this emerging market. The increasing cost of gasoline, its effects, governmental support, and public acceptance, now makes the EV a viable alternative. Along with technological advancements and rapid innovations, this is the industry of tomorrow.

How the fund will be used

Our hope is to win. The best part of being in the competition is all the professional help one gets to launch one's project to the next level.
This funding will allow us to have our design built and installed on a few golf carts. This process will give us a testing platform to gather data and make the generators even better.
By completing the prototype, it could help us win the competition.

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