Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prized Pigs


More Cars - More Weapons


Release Notes 7


 New Feature (1):

  • Prized Pigs are now available. Collect pigs to earn upgradeable items. The more pigs you receive, the better the items. The event ends Sunday 10/3 at 11:59 pm PST.
Update (1):

  • 2 NEW Limited Edition items are available in the Marketplace, the Wake Breaker vehicle (36 Attack, 72 Defense) and the Sand Tiger animal (31 Attack, 65 Defense).
Bug Fixes (7):

  • Fixed error message and gift lock issue for users that have reached the daily gift limit.

  • Removed the Mumbai Mission text for the "Pint of Stout" and correctly labeled it for the Dublin Mission.

  • Added the Grey Wolf image to the Fight and Inventory pages.

  • Corrected Robbing popup issues for users without enough Stamina.

  • Fixed issue with level up popups not appearing from the Job pages in Moscow and Bangkok.

  • Fixed display issues for items that have an icon and stats indicating the wrong mastery level.

  • Fixed "Out of health" lightboxes that appear off screen on the Fight page.
Improvement (1):
Expired Secret Drop items now award players with Blue Mystery Bags.

Kitchen Knife in Cafe World


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Master the Prized Pigs


 Reprinted with permission from "The Official Mafia Wars Blog"
Are you ready to pig out? Because it's time to go whole hog. Okay, okay. We'll stop with the pig puns. So listen up, party people. Get ready for the Prized Pigs coming this evening.
Here's how Prized Pigs work. For three days only, you can send pigs to your mafia and request pigs from your mafia. There are 3 Prized Pigs to collect with a new pig being released each day. Request pigs by posting a Facebook feed or send requests to your mafia. 
Each Prized Pig has 3 levels of mastery - bronze, silver, and gold. When you collect enough pigs to complete mastery, you earn some sweet high-powered items to get stronger. Collect all the pigs for Gold Mastery to get the grand prize Oinker Vehicle (100 ATT, 128 DEF). Get ready for pigs and play Mafia Wars now.

Curly Tail Fresh Shank Boss Hog
Bronze Mastery
(3 Pigs each)
Garrotte Weapon
(60 ATT, 31 DEF)
Fish Spear Weapon
(59 ATT, 32 DEF)
Jointed Panel Armor
(33 ATT, 60 DEF)
Silver Mastery
(5 Pigs each)
Garrotte Weapon
(67 ATT, 38 DEF)
Fish Spear Weapon
(68 ATT, 37 DEF)
Jointed Panel Armor
(38 ATT, 72 DEF)

Gold Mastery
(10 Pigs each)
Garrotte Weapon
(73 ATT, 44 DEF)
Fish Spear Weapon
(72 ATT, 45 DEF)
Jointed Panel Armor
(46 ATT, 74 DEF)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Stamina Refill From FarmVille For Today

Free Stamina refill from FarmVille promotion..

This link only work for once, somehow he knows the link and must be updated everyday.. So here is the link for today.. be hurry, guys..

Warning : spend your Stamina first before you click the link , so it's not a big waste for you!

And this is the screenshot if you succeed..

Here you go :
CLICK  for 08.10.2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Do You Play Zynga Poker? Free Poker chips !!!!!!

Got a link to get free Poker chips.

Here is the instruction :
Click on link and  REFRESH.. Dont click 'CONTINUE'!
Keep on pressing refresh button until you get a 'limit reached' message..

Each refresh gives you 1000 - 15,000 Poker chips. But that is useful if you haven't claim any chips for a period of times (few days).

Here are the two examples of my chips..

Feel free to grab your chips anytime! Happy gambling!

Get 20 (10) Free Reward Point

Get 20 (10) Free Reward Point (secured)
                   WORK AGAIN :)))))))))))))))

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Challenge Mission : Dublin - Chapter 2!

Yeah, the chapter 2 has been unlocked
It called Ireland Hopping!

As in the previous chapter you will get a loot item upon completing every job, so you are able to get 4x of this mastery item.
You will need exactly 326 Pints of Stout and 7040 energy to finish it from A to Z.
Here are the screenshots..

We will have the mastery item for each job mastered! So, once again, this is not a glitch!

The mastery item ie Black Irish is a very good weapon.

Get the weapon now, my friends! Do your jobs and complete the mission..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We hear you! Vegas will be later!

Due to an overwhelming response to allow more time for people to make arrangements, we are post-poning our Mafia Wars: MADE Las Vegas convention until early 2011!
We’ll be making an announcement in the next week about the new dates and potentially new location.  The great part about this date change is it will allow for longer planning and actually lower the ticket pricing, a savings which will be reflected in our next ticket sales.
This is going to be one amazing event done up as only Mafia Wars can do it! In the mean time...

Coming Soon and Release Notes 6

Free Property Upgrade
It's going to be a good weekend because this weekend begins with the phrase: Free Upgrade. Sarting Sept. 25 at 12:00 AM PST, you will be able to upgrade any Property in any city once for free. Save your reward points for some sweet limited edition loot and take advantage of upgrading one of your new properties - an Armory in New York or a Casino Fountain in Las Vegas - or stepping up one of your other properties. Make sure to check out your properties this weekend. This offer ends Sept. 26 at 11:59 PM PST.
Secret Drops
The secret has been revealed. Now when you rob rivals or collect from Properties, there's a good chance you'll pick up a Secret Drop, which gives you a boost. A Secret Drop holds many wonderful and amazing things like fight boosts to help you kick ass, boosts to collect twice as much money from your properties, and skill points. These Secret Drops can be shared with your friends and they can share them with you. Just be aware that you can only open a maximum of 3 cases per day.
Prized Pigs
Get ready to pig out because the Prized Pigs are coming. You all had a healthy appetite for Pigntas and Super Pigntas, but you'll want to save room for Prized Pigs. This will be a limited time event where you must collect and master Prized Pigs. Master all three Prized Pigs to become a true porker and earn the Oinker vehicle (100 Attack, 128 Defense). We know you're salivating over the Oinker because those stats are making us hungry, too. 

 Release Notes 6
New Features (2):
  • Secret Drops: Robbing rivals and collecting from Properties just got a boost! New Secret Drops carry exclusive items in them that are so BIG, we have to limit the amount you can open to 3 cases per day.
  • Message Center: Some players should now be able to accept requests including gifts, invites, energy packs, and crime spree requests in game. We are currently testing the system and will have more details shortly.
Updates (3):
  • Property Upgrades are coming back this weekend. The event will begin on 9/25 12:00 AM PST and run through the weekend ending at 11:59 PST on 9/26
  • Chapter 2 of the Dublin Challenge Mission unlocks Saturday 9/25 12:00 AM PST.
  • Super Pignatas will be available from 9/22 to 9/27.
Bug Fixes (5):
  • Fixed incorrect price of treasure chest keys when on hourly sale.
  • Fixed Crew Collection names not appearing in Player Updates.
  • Fixed issue with level up dialogs not appearing for some users.
  • Fixed no countdown timer displaying for Dublin Challenge Mission.
  • Fixed blank dialog appearing when sending gifts back in the Message Center.
Improvement (1):
Bosses with henchmen can no longer one-shot players.

Total Requests


Friday, September 24, 2010

New Reward For Installing Game Toolbar!


!!attention!! uninstall mafia wars toolbar than boot pc than reinstall and get 7sins loot crates when install toolbar again works for me

Facebook trying to make games less annoying

Facebook users who don't play FrontierVille or other games won't have to endure game-related posts in their feeds.
Facebook users who don't play FrontierVille or other games won't have to endure game-related posts in their feeds.
  • Facebook is trying to limit updates about games, such as FarmVille, that some users find annoying
  • According to Facebook, users either "love playing games or hate them"
  • Apps will be automatically bookmarked and reordered based on actual usage
  • Gaming-related notifications will now be less aggressive than before

( -- John wants to share some level seven Energizing Lotion in FarmVille! How many times have you seen a similar sentence in your Facebook News Feed and either wondered what it means, or (if you're familiar with Farmville and other popular Facebook games) removed the message in disgust?
Facebook is aware of the problem. While some users -- 200 million of them, revealed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a Gaming Event in Palo Alto -- enjoy playing games on the service, others aren't interested.
According to Facebook, users either "love playing games or hate them," and the company so far didn't have "the right tools to enable developers to grow their games while at the same time providing a great user experience for non-gamers."
Thus, Facebook has devised a plan to make games less annoying to non-users, and more engaging to gamers at the same time. The first part is relatively easy: Facebook will simply be showing application stories only to users who are already engaging with the application, meaning that people who don't play Farmville won't have to endure Farmville-related posts in their feeds.
If Facebook decides you are interested in games, it will be displaying full game stories (instead of collapsed ones) in the News Feed, as well as adding prominent counts to those stories to highlight tasks that need to be completed within a game.
Bookmarks will get smarter -- apps will be automatically bookmarked and reordered based on actual usage. Finally, Facebook will start notifying users when their friends start playing a game (in addition to highlighting their activity within the game).
From the users' perspective, these are welcome changes, especially for non-gamers who won't be pestered by constant game-related notifications. From the game developers' end, it remains to be seen whether these improvements will alleviate the fact that gaming-related notifications will now be less aggressive than before.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

NEW FarmVille Bonus Glitch for Mafia Wars


Hmmm, stamina refill seems very tempting, right?

 JUST Click on:
Link   (link for 08.10.2010)

And Super Pignatas Are Back!

The Super Pignatas are back! Now take this chance to collect the Wolf before they take back this feature..

Send the Super Pignatas as one of the Free Gift items..

We can only claim 5 Super Pignatas in a day..

And if you have got the Wolf, don't worry.. keep receiving your Super Pignatas because we are able to get more than 1x Wolf! At least one mafia has 2 Wolfs as proof..

Wow, nice one!
Since the Wolf is very rare item... It's been more than 3 times of Super Pignatas event and I have not got single of this animal!

So, you're a very lucky player!

New Secret Drops!

Zynga (Mafia Wars) decided to release something new that we can send, to be able to get some new items that have never been released before. New feature is called Secret Drops.

Click on Proceed to send button, you will be taking to this page.. Choose to send your mafias in 3 sections ie : Sleeper Agents section, Active Agents section or All Friends section..

This is when your friend send the Secret Drops to you...

Blue Sky 55

Love Sick

1 Attack & 1 Defense Point

1 Robbing Boost

1 Reward Point

So have fun collecting them all! Spread the wealth!

Secret Stash Limit

Here is one glitch where Zynga team forgot to change the text message of this French Ball!

Said that we can use it in Boss Fights..


You can get random of collection item and also Big Bad Wolf (it is a bonus item from claiming the Game Cards).


Yesterday, lots of friends get Railguns, Plasma Rifle, etc.. so the items are just random...

This one telling us that now Zynga made some limit of collecting Secret Stash..

We can only collect 10 Secret Stash per day!

Ouch! They started the party and then they break it..

Have fun collecting and sharing the Secret Stash!