Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mafia Wars Iceboard - FAQ

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Q: What is the Iceboard?
A: Iceboard is a weekly fighting leader board, which shows your rank within your Mafia and Globally, based on number of ices you get in a week.

Ice as many opponents as you can and rise above the ranks.

Q: How do I check my ranking?
A: Visit the Home page and look for Iceboard Tab just next to Family progression:

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Q: How do I climb up the Iceboard?
A: Your ranking improves based upon the number of opponents you Ice in Fights as compared to other players. Ice more opponents and rise above the ranks.

Q: How often will my Iceboard refresh?
A: The Iceboard will be refreshed every 7 days and a counter on the home page will indicate the time left for next reset.