Monday, June 30, 2014

Free 6 Guiding Lights from Mafia Wars Team

Collect 6 Guiding lights for Free and go beyond redemption in Mexico!




3 FREE Energy Point

Complete more jobs & advance more quickly with 3 FREE energy points!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

FREE 10 2x MASTERY BOOST (notifications gift)

Collect ten 2X Mastery Boost for Free!

To welcome you back, 10 2X Mastery Boost have been added to your account.

Robot Programmer - New Marketplace Item

Robot Programmer
Get with the programme!
312 Attack 249 Defense

2X ON THE DOUBLE - June 29th

June 29th
between 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM PDT(GMT-7)

FREE 3 HEALTH POINTS for Sunday, June 29th



Saturday, June 28, 2014

Free 5 2X Mastery Boost from Mafia Wars Team

Free 5 2X Mastery Boost from Mafia Wars Team

Free EARDRUM ERASE from Mafia Wars Team

Dear Players,
To welcome you back, we are giving yo EARDRUM ERASE!

1.  Click  HERE to open the Facebook Game Request Page
2.  Scroll down and locate the announcement from Mafia Wars about the item and click 'Accept'

3.  After you have clicked the accept button you will be taken back to the game and will receive the following pop-up:

FREE Lucky Break card in apps and games



You've been rewarded with a Lucky Break card!

Click here to collect your reward now --->

Shell-Shaped in STRANGER'S SWAG

Today's your lucky day. The Stranger has chosen you to reward you with some swag. Post a feed to earn up to three items and click on feeds to earn up to two items.

257 172

3 FREE Defense Points

Get extra protection on your side with 3 FREE defense points!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Free 1 Threaded (175 Attack / 261 Defense) from Mafia Wars Team

Info from Official Mafia Wars Fan Page


You've been rewarded with 1 Threaded (175 Attack / 261 Defense).

Click here to collect your reward now --->

Play Mafia Wars ---->

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to our fan page for one more awesome reward!

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I found Gift on App Centar  but did not get ITEM

Lucky Break - FAQ


Q: What is Lucky Break?
 Lucky Break is a limited time event in which you collect cards from your friends and vault them in different sets to earn fabulous rewards every day.
Q: When will the event start and how long will it last?
 The event will start on June 28th 2014 Midnight PDT and will reset every day at midnight Pacific Time with a new item.
The event will end on July 1st 2014 at 23:59.
An early preview of the event will be rolled out on June 27th 2014 for all of our players. Keep checking out your Mafia Wars Requests for free cards during this time!
Q: How do I play?
 The Lucky Break feature can be accessed from the home page module. Click on the “Reveal” button to start playing.

Lucky Break consists of 6 different Card Types (numbered 1 to 6). 
Once you click on the “Reveal” button, you will receive 5 cards of a particular number (between 1 to 6) and will see an option to ask for Cards from your friends.

Clicking on “Ask for Cards” will publish a feed post on your Facebook wall and your friends will be able to send you cards to help you with the event.
Your friends will also receive one card for helping you by clicking on your Feed Post.
Q: What are the limits on posting? 
 You can post 1 new Feed every 2 hours. A maximum of 5 friends can help you with Cards through each feed post.
Q: Can I purchase cards using Reward Points?
 No, you cannot purchase Cards using Reward Points.
Q: Why does the event show a timer of 24 hours? Will unused (not vaulted) cards disappear once the timer resets? 
 The event will reset itself every 24 hours during the 4 day period and a new Daily Reward item will be available for vaulting each day.
Any unused cards collected from your friends during a day will be reset to 0 at Midnight PDT every day.
Please vault all the collected cards to receive loot before Midnight PDT every day.
Q: How do I vault a set of cards? Is there a limit on the number of times I can vault a particular set?
 Once you have all required cards in a particular set, you can vault it to receive the respective daily loot. Vaulting each set of Cards will earn you corresponding rewards.
Each set of Cards can be vaulted up to 5 times a day.
For example:
Vaulting a Bronze set (1 card) will give you the Bronze Item for the day.
Vaulting a Silver set (2 cards) will give you the Silver Item for the day.
Vaulting a Gold set (3 cards) will give you the Grand Prize (Gold Item) for the day.
You need at least 1 card of each number in each set to be able to vault.
Once you have the required cards, the numbers will no longer be greyed out and you will see a Vault button for the respective sets:

You will be notified once you vault a set successfully:

Q: The numbers on set of cards shuffled once I vaulted them. Why?
 Once you Vault a set of cards, the requirement of numbers (of the vaulted set) will change randomly. You will need to fulfil the new requirement of cards to be able to Vault again.
Q: What happens after I vault 5 of each set? 
 Once you vault all three sets for 5 times each, the event will be locked and you will be unable to vault until the event resets at Midnight PDT of the next day.

FREE Lucky Break card in apps and games



You've been rewarded with a Lucky Break card!

Click here to collect your reward now --->

Link will take you to apps and games. Check image No2.

No.2 image - apps and games request!
Search for gift from Mafia Wars and press Accept.
You will be directed to Mafia Wars game where you should (or NOT) get popup: 

You've been rewarded with a Lucky Break card!

and you will get or you WILL NOT as it is shown on the No.3 image

No.3 Image - your reward

FREE 2 KAMIKAZES POWER UPS (notifications gift)


To welcome you back, 2 Kamikazes have been added to your account.

LUCKY BREAK - Limited Time Event

Lucky Break - Collect Cards and vault them to earn fabulous rewards.

  • Lucky Break is a limited time event in which you collect and vault sets of Cards to earn fabulous rewards daily.
  • The Bronze set requires you to collect 1 Card, the Silver set, two Cards and the Gold set, three Cards.
  • Vaulting each set of Cards will earn you corresponding rewards. Each set of Cards can be vaulted up to 5 times a day.
  • When you vault a set of Cards, the Cards of that particular set will be randomly shuffled.
  • Click on 'Reveal' to collect your Lucky Card for the day. Once revealed, you will own 5 Cards to start with.
  • Click on 'Ask' to post a Feed and collect Cards from your Friends.
  • You can post a Feed every 2 hours asking for Cards. Each Feed will expire after 5 Friends access the Feed.
  • Send your Lucky Card to any number of Friends by clicking on their Feeds and receive their Lucky Card in return.
  • There is no limit on the number of Feeds you can click on any given day during the event.
  • The Card Counter, Lucky Card, collection requirements and rewards will reset at the 00:00 PDT daily.
  • The event will run for 5 days and will end on 7/1/2014 23:59:59 PDT

Berserker Blitz - FAQs


Q: What is Berserker Blitz? When will the event start?
 Berserker Blitz is a new, limited-time event, where you Fight to earn Berserk Badges which can be redeemed for amazing rewards.
This 4-day event will start on June 27th Midnight PDT and will be available till June 30th 23:59 PDT.
The event can be accessed through Home Page module and from the fight Page:

Q: What are Berserk Badges? How do I earn them?
 During the event, Berserk Badges will drop from using your Stamina in Fights. Berserk Badges will notdrop in the Arena.

Please note that unused Berserk Badges will be removed from your Inventory when the event ends.
Q: What are the items available for redemption from Berserk Badges?
 You can redeem your Berserk Badges for amazing loot.
There are a limited number of rewards available for redemption, so hurry and earn Berserk Badges to redeem them for amazing loot as fast as you can.

The number of available high-end loot is fewer, so make the best out of your earned Berserk Badges.
There is a Maximum Limit on each of the items:

Q: How do I redeem Loot from Berserk Badges?
To redeem the Berserk Badges for this loot, Click on the “Redeem” button on the Home Page module OR go to the fight page and click on “Redeem” buttons for respective loot.
Please note that Berserk Badges will be deducted from your account every time you redeem them for loot.

You will be notified upon successful redemption of loot and the loot will be added to your inventory.

The best loot is limited to 500 and bears the following stats:

Q: What if any of the loot is exhausted or not available anymore? Can I buy them using Reward Points?
 Tough Luck! These are special loot and only available through Berserk Badges. Once the items are exhausted or redeemed by other players, you cannot redeem them.
Exhausted loot will be displayed on the Redeem option as shown below:

Q: What is the Burnout Meter? How does it affect Berserk Badges?
 Burnout meter tracks Fight exhaustion and resets every 2 hours. The more you Fight, the higher the meter will rise.
Manage your Burnout Meter to a low level to improve your chances of earning Berserk Badges.
Burning-out makes it tough for you to earn Berserk Badges.

The burnout meter has 3 phases:

Q: How do I reset the Burnout before 2 hours? 
 There is no way to reset the Burnout meter before 2 hours.
However, you can buy Berserk Boost to prevent the Burnout Meter from rising further.

Q: What is Berserk Boost? How does it affect Berserk Badges?
 The Berserk Boost can be activated by purchasing for 2 Reward Points.
Once activated, the Berserk Boost will remain active until the next 5 Berserk Badges drop (irrespective of time or fights).
An active Berserk Boost provides the following 3 benefits:
1.       A Berserk Boost will double the amount of Stamina used AND the damage dealt by each attack in Fights.
2.       A Berserk Boost prevents the Burnout Meter from rising.
3.       A Berserk Boost doubles the number of Berserk Badges earned.
Q: What if I have already redeemed all rewards? Can I still use the Berserk Boost while the event is active?
 Yes! Once you have redeemed all available rewards, you can continue to buy and use Berserk Boosts while Fighting to deal double damage and spend double Stamina on Fights.