Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Operation - Frame a Rival Don


Latin Rebirth from Collector's Edition Items


Ice Counter Error: Death by Ice

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During the recent release of the Death By Ice event it was discovered that the counter was not displaying the number of ices correctly.

This was a display issue only, and all ices that players were winning were being counted for both the player and their Family. The display error has now been resolved.  In order to repair the issue it was necessary to restart the counter at zero.  Don't be alarmed though, because all of your ices are still recorded on your account, but the updated counter display will only show the ices that you have after the point in which it was updated.

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New Operation - Kidnap the Governor's Daughter




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Mafia Wars Live! 06/29/11 03:35PM


All New Missions : Black Market

 1. Mission - Little Sister

2.Mission - A Little Theatrics

3. Mission - Helping Handguns

4. Mission - They Never Listen

5.Mission - The Right Track

6.Mission - Ambush Awry

7.Mission - Compound Crashers

8. Mission - Honor Amongst Thieves

9.Mission - Judge, Jury, and Executioner

New Mission Event: Black Market


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Operation - Take Over Airport Control


New Operation - Fix the Triple Crown


New Operation - Steal Government Research


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New Operations!


Kidnap the Governor's Daughter: Her ransom will be worth a pretty penny.
Assassinate the Witness: Shut the man up permanently, or else he'll spill the beans in front of a judge and jury.
Frame a Rival Don: One of your rivals has been getting too ambitious. Get him out of the picture.
Take Over Airport Control: Absolute control of the airport control tower will be necessary for running some other ops.
Fix the Triple Crown: Rigging the results of the most prestigious horse races will take a lot of guts and skill.
Steal Government Research: Other countries are just so interested in what we're doing here. Why not let them buy and find out?

Mafia Wars Family Icing Event FAQ


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Who is the strongest Family out there? A new icing event will determine the coolest and baddest Family in Mafia Wars. Y’all will need to work together to earn mastery items that will be awarded to everyone in the Family. Extra special rewards will go the top 10 Families.

Q: When does the event start and finish?
A: The event begins June 28, 2011 and ends July 5, 2011. The homepage banner will have a timer once the event begins.

Q: I am hearing that a few of my friends already have this event.  How come it is not showing on my account?
A:  Each time that we launch a new feature it is released to a limited number of people.  This is meant to ensure that the feature is stable after it has gone live.  Initially not all players will have access to this feature.

Q: I am currently in a Family and we already have a lot of ices. Do those ices count towards the event?
A: No. Your ices starting from when the event goes live will be counted towards the Death by Ice event. This way, everyone who participates will start from the same spot.

Q: If I leave my current Family and go to another Family, which Family gets my ices?
A: Your ices that you accumulate during the event with Family A will stay with Family A if you leave. Once you join Family B, any new ices you bring in will count towards Family B

Summary of what is new:
·        Family mastery rewards
Every time your Family hits an icing mastery tier, the entire Family gets the mastery item. Ice players in Fighting, and your ices during the event will count towards your Family’s icing mastery.

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This is Ma.  Don't tick her off!

·         Top 10 Families
The top 10 Families will earn bonus prizes on top of the Family mastery rewards. Members of the 1st place Family will each get a Two-Headed Snake (175 attack, 175 defense) and 20 skill points. So start gathering your Family and plan your attacks!

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·         Leaderboards
You will be able to see the top 4 Families and the number of ices they have on the Homepage. You will also see your Family’s icing rank for the event. Your own icing progress will appear in the middle of the homepage banner.
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·         Join a Family
Not part of a Family yet? Head to the Families page under the My Mafia tab to find Families that are recruiting or Families that your friends have joined. Once you accept an invitation into a Family, you will be able to participate in the Death by Ice event.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Limited Time Item in Weapons Depot - Slate Knife


Sagitta Centaur from Collector's Edition Items


Death By Ice

Info from MafiaWarsWiki:

Death By Ice Leaderboard.png

Who is the strongest Family out there? A new icing event will put Family strength to the test to determine which is the coolest in Mafia Wars. Family members must ice enough players throughout the week to earn four levels of mastery items that will be awarded to everyone in the Family. Extra special rewards will go the top 10 Families, so start working on your strategy for how you'll dominate in this test of your Family's power.



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New Marketplace Loot Items


Steal Of The Summer Started

Purchase 15 items in the Marketplace* to get these Wrist Rockets.
We've got a massive sale on most items in the Marketplace, so take advantage of the Steal of the Summer to earn the Wrist Rockets before the event ends on June 30th at 11:59PM PDT.

* Loyalty Program, Fight Club, Pawnshop, Treasure Chest keys, and items selling for less than 5RP do not qualify for prize.