Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Energy Point


Today's reward is a free energy point for our Mafia Wars players! Collect your point and head back to your game:

Release Notes 3/30/2011

Game News
Brazil Open To All
Brazil is now open to all players. Just use your travel menu and you're there. For all the details, visit the Customer Support Brazil 411 and FAQ page.
Brazil Missions and Boss Fights
You asked for it and we delivered. Brazil now offers exciting Missions and 5 new Bosses are waiting for a good fight. For more information, visit the Customer Support Brazil Missions/Boss Fights FAQ 411 page.
Mission Event: Take Back The Street
It's time to "Take Back The Street". Complete new tasks and fight Bosses as you progress through this 8 day event to earn great rewards. 
Brazil Smuggling Gifting Event
Hurry up and collect all your gifts for the Brazil Smuggling Event—it's almost over! For more information, check out the Customer Support Brazil Smuggling Event 411 and FAQ.
Send Brazil Cash
Need more cash to get conquer Brazil? Look no further than the Free Gift page and you will find Brazil Real to send to and request from your mafia.
Brazil Consumables 
Three of the Five Brazil Consumables are now available as free gifts.
Brazil Mastery Item Stats
The Brazil Mastery Items have been updated to include statistics as well as character building abilities.
Lucky Stash Loot Update
New items are available from your Lucky Stash Slot Machine.
Golden Promotion and New Bonuses
Look for new and exciting bonuses when you reach the next level and share your rewards with your mafia. This feature is not yet activated on all accounts.
Japanese Earthquake Relief
To help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan, we teamed up with Direct Relief International and offered a Limited Edition loot item in the Marketplace. 100% of the proceeds for purchases of The Japanese Fan were contributed to the relief efforts in Japan.
JapanMobile Update
Atlantic City Mobile has been updated so you can collect Energy Packs, invitations and gifts on the go. Visit on your mobile phone and check it out.
Cuban Crisis Crates
Cuban Crisis Crates are now available. Visit the Marketplace to check out the cool loot items you can get.
Community News
New Super Moderator
Please welcome our newest Mafia Wars Super Moderator, Rinzler, to the Zynga Forums! Click here to leave a message and wish him good luck.
 April Awesomeness
Check out our latest contest on the Zynga Forum Boards. It's like March Madness but it's April Awesomeness and you can win some cool prizes.
Zynga Press Event
On March 22nd Zynga held a Press Event in New York City and [OG|MIG] Chainsaw Chester represented Mafia Wars. Go here to read more about it.
Lady Gaga Donates to Zynga for Japan
Click here to read about Lady Gaga's contribution to Japan on behave of Zynga.
Mafia Meetup Day
Mafia Meetup Day is almost here. Look for your city by going to and join other Mafia Wars players on April 8th.

2 New Marketplace Items


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brazil Missions - Last part from 47 - 65 (the end)

Part I from 1- 13
Part II from 14 - 18
Part III from 19 - 22
Part IV from 23 - 33

Part V from 34 - 46

47. Mission - Mrs. Maria Rosa: Gold Mastery

48. Mission - Two Birds, One Stone: Part 1

49. Mission - Two Birds, One Stone: Part 2

50. Mission - Lucas Sousa: Gold Mastery

51. Mission - Peace Maker

52. Mission  - Pit Stop

 53. Mission  - Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval: Ruby Mastery

54. Mission - Under The Rug

55. Mission  - Expose A Crime

56. Mission  - Pablo Alvares "The Dockmaster": Ruby Mastery

57. Mission - I Need Backup

58. Mission - Give Them The Stip

59.Mission - Capitao Tinto: Ruby Mastery

60.Mission - Crash And Burn

61. Mission - Call To Arms

 62.Mission - Mrs.Maria Rosa: Ruby Mastery

63. Mission - Big Brother Watching

64. Mission - Guardian Angel

 65.Mission - Lucas Sousa: Ruby Mastery

No more Brazil Missions

Something new in sending free gifts


Time Mission Event: Take Back The Street


1.Mission - Origin Story

2. Mission - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

3.Mission - Greed Is Great

4. Mission - Town Painted Red

5. Mission - Battle: Las Vegas

6.Mission - Blood and Wine



Boost your health with a FREE HEALTH point! Claim your point today:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1 Attack Point from E-mail


Brazil Missions - Part V (from 34 - 46)

Part I from 1- 13
Part II from 14 - 18
Part III from 19 - 22
Part IV from 23 - 33

34. Mission - Hard Hitters

35.Mission - Lucas Sousa: Silver Mastery

36.Mission - Meeting Of Crimes

37. Mission - Get Them To Talk

38.Mission - Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval: Gold Mastery

39. Mission - Medic!

40.Mission - Got To Go

41.Mission - Pablo Alvares "Dockmaster": Gold Mastery

42. Mission - Goverment Work

43.Mission - Smuggler's Den

44.Mission Capitao Tinto: Gold Mastery

45. Mission - The Last Straw

46.Mission - Building Goodwill