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Ancient Relics - Inca Mask


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Cuba in Crisis Mission


Martial Law has been declared in Cuba. Your mission is to find out who is behind the uprising in Havana before Cuba shuts down. Finish Cuba before time runs out - plus, complete the Cuba in Crisis mission to get a special reward!

1. Mission - Civil Unrest 

 2. Mission - Puppet Masters

3. Mission - General Information

4. Mission - Trace The Broadcast

5. Mission - The Best Defense

6. Mission - Little Too Late

Cuba in Crisis Mission Event 411 and FAQ - Upgraded

Cuba in crisis In six days, Cuba will be overrun!

A shadowy organization called the Neo-Imperium is secretly working to destabilize the current world order and control all criminal activities throughout the planet. The Neo-Imperium are attempting to overthrow the government and install a puppet leader to establish one of the biggest drug trafficking centers in the world. This is a warning to all Mafia crime bosses that Cuba is no longer safe.

It’s time to head to Cuba and complete a series of missions to combat this new organization before time runs out and all players will be locked out from Cuba. You have until March 2 to complete these missions and do all other activities in Cuba.  Job mastery in Cuba will be 5X and a new loot item will drop from jobs and fights in this unstable country. There are also new loot items and a 10% cash bonus for Mafia players who complete all the tasks in the allotted time.

You’ll need a lot of Politico Corruptos from your Bribery Ring property in Cuba to finish your “Crisis in Cuba” mission. If you’re running low on corrupt politicians, don’t worry. You’ll be able to send Politico Corruptos to your Mafia and request them from your friends through the Gift Page. The “Crisis in Cuba” Mission is available to users level 18 and above.

Cuba in Crisis - Mission Event
***Important Notice***

The mafia development team is aware of a problem that is preventing users from gaining access to the Cuba in Crisis Mission. At this moment the Zynga Support Team does not have a workaround to this particular however a fix to this problem will be introduced shortly. Thank you for your understanding while this problem is addressed.

Seasons change, and in March, Mafia Wars will change in an unprecedented way.
Q: Cuba is closing, why?
A: We have some major things coming up in March, and part of the storyline involves the closing down of Cuba.  'A major disruption is about to happen. A powerful, new criminal organization is wreaking havoc on the current world order. This has caused an uprising in Cuba where all Mafia bosses will be deported. It will soon be revealed where and why this new criminal organization, the Neo-Imperium, is disrupting Cuba.'
Q: What do you mean closing?
A: Cuba will no longer be accessible. It will be grayed out on the travel menu and any attempts to get to Cuba will be stopped with a popup.  You will not be able to vault or revault Cuba collections.  You will not be able to collect from Cuba properties or access the Cuba bank.  You will not be able to complete Cuba achievements.  You will not be able to fight or rob in Cuba.

Q: When will this happen?
A: Cuba will be closing on March 3rd.

Q: Is this permanent?
A: Cuba will be closed for the foreseeable future.

Q: When does Crisis in Cuba start/end?

A: This event starts late Wednesday night, February 23rd.  As with all events, the release will be gradual to ensure stability.  (Not all players will have access initially)

Q: What if I have finished Cuba already?
A: In order to complete Cuba in Crisis mission, you will need to loot Prop 4's. This will only drop in jobs and fights (but not robs) in Cuba. Completing the mission will award you with the Special Mastery Item, an Embargo Net that will result in an additional 10% cash in <top secret location>.

Q: What if I haven't finished Cuba already?
A: In addition to the Prop 4's, you will receive 5x Mastery on unmastered jobs. You might also want to ask for Politico Corruptos from your friends.  Mastered jobs reward you with a skill point.
In addition, there are Mastery Items for mastering each tier (El Rey Roadster, Guerilla Commando, Avispa Machine Gun, Che's Beret, Cocodrilo, and Cazador Assault Rifle)  If you haven't vaulted the Cuba collections, each of them offer a permanent addition to your skill.
*Rum Drinks Collection initial vault = + 8 Energy
*Tropical Fruits Collection initial vault = +3 Stamina
*Entertainers Collection initial vault = +10 Health
*Tropical Fish Collection initial vault = +5 Attack
*Beards Collection initial vault = +7 Defense
There are also Cuba achievements that offer a skill point for completion.

Q: What if I don't finish Cuba in time?
A: Your Cuba progress will be frozen.

Q: I like fighting in Cuba!
A:  The Cuba version of fighting will also be closed for the foreseeable future.


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have a Problem with Gifting? Programmers want to Fix it! Help us, help them


The Mafia Wars development team is aware gifting problems are preventing some players from successfully accepting gift requests from fellow mafia members and friends.  The Mafia team is committed to addressing gifting problems however specific information is needed from players reporting trouble to ensure the best information is collected so gifting issues can be appropriately diagnosed and addressed.

Developers continually work to resolve outstanding issues, but each fix is complicated and sometimes difficult to diagnose and replicate. To ensure the best information is submitted to Zynga Customer Support please follow the suggested format so the Mafia Development team can effectively review the problems surrounding gifting and have complete information to act upon.
We thank you for your assistance in this process of trying to get these problems fixed.  While Customer Support agents can't fix or edit the code themselves, they can help generate reports that the programmers will analyze.

What type of gift was it?
( Free Gift , Inventory, Wishlist, Crime Spree)

What action were you trying to perform?
(Accepting the gift, Sending a gift )

If you were sending a gift, where did things go wrong?
(Gifting page, Selecting friends, Confirming the send, Selecting the item)

If you were accepting the gift where were you accepting it?
(Facebook Request, ZMC, Mafia Wars Homepage, Accepting 'gifts' from Facebook wall posts

What did the result look like?
(White page, Game Froze, Error message [please include a screenshot], Names were missing/wrong [please include a screenshot], Item didn't add to inventory, Did not get send confirmation, Other [please provide detail])

2 New Marketplace items


Love is Hard to Find 3 more days

Update 2/23, 10:30am PST
The redemption panel will be back up later today and open for 3 more days for redemption of Broken Hearts.  Broken Hearts can still be accepted.  However, they will no longer drop from jobs/fights/robs and can no longer be sent via free gifts or posted on walls.
A small number of accounts with Broken Hearts (or redeemed items) that exceeded the  free limits will have the quantities corrected.
More info for  Love is Hard to Find

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Zynga Fan Page Giveaway

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Zynga Inc. Page :!/Zynga?v=wall
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Giveaway TOS:
The promotion starts on Wednesday February 23, 2011 at 12:00 PM PST (GMT-8) and ends on February 25, 2011 12:00 PM PST (GMT-8) ("Promotion Period")
This contest is open to users who "Like" the Zynga Inc. It shall be governed by the Zynga Terms of Service [] and the rules included here.
To register take the following steps: "Like" the Zynga Inc. Page to view the question and post your answer in the forums. All posts must be received by February 25, 2011 12:00 PM PST (GMT-8). Winners will be randomly drawn on February 28, 2011 and will be contacted through private message in the forums. Winners will be announced on the forums and on the Zynga Inc. Page.
Prize: Ten (10) randomly drawn winners will win a Zynga Swag Bag ("Grand Prize").
NOTE: No purchase required. Void where prohibited.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zynga Payments Page Scheduled for Maintenance

Zynga Payments Page scheduled for maintenance
Our Payment Page will be temporarily down for scheduled maintenance today February 22, 2011 at 11:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.
If you are attempting to make a purchase, please try your purchase again in a few minutes. We appreciate your patience as we perform some routine system maintenance.
Thank you for playing with Zynga! Happy Gaming!!!



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Identifying a Real MW Post

I considered this is very valuable. As the information on how we check to see if the post is a true Mafia Wars post. I found this on Mistyfied Mafia Wars &amp; Pimping, and thanks, for permission to publish this on my blog.

Scammers are out there.  We warn you about them as soon as we find them but this is not nearly as good as you knowing what to look for to identify the scan yourself.  After all, these scams are Facebook Apps that can access all your Facebook info and sometimes even cause viruses on your computer.  Yes, it can be very dangerous not knowing the truth.  So here is the information on how we check to see if the post is a true Mafia Wars post.Standard MW post that you see all the time:
Secret Stashes are always in your news feed or profile wall.  Use a post you know to be truely from Mafia Wars Game as your reference when checking on other things that your not sure about.
There are 3 things to look for:
  • Mafia Wars M logo:
    This can be easy to copy so it is not the only thing, just the first thing to check since it is th easiest to spot.  Things to note about the M logo, it is Stright up and down on the outside parts of the M |\/|.  It does not have any curves in it.  It is grey fading to white on a black background.  You can see how easy it is to copy this since I have it directly in this Note.  But it is suprising how many try to use something else.
  • Reward link: (This is the link at the bottom right side of the post)
    Notice how it states here what you are getting.  Most of the time in Mafia Wars it will state on that link information about what you are about to do.  If you hover your mouse over it your status bar (at the very bottom of your Browser window) will show you the URL that you will be opening if you click the link.  In the case of Mafia Wars it will always start out the same way.
    Display on diffrent browsers may very.  Sometimes the browser includes the http:// sometimes it does not.  Google Chrome does not, Firefox does.  The link will always be: 
  • Mafia Wars Game link:
    It will always say Mafia Wars Game in this location.  Anything other then Mafia Wars Game is a scam.  To double check this you can again hover your mouse over the link to see the address in the status bar.
    If it is from Mafia Wars Game it will always be the same id number at the end of the URL.
Now you know what to look for before you fall victum to the next Mafia Wars Scam.  This will also keep you from being defriended by those who know how to check.  You can post something like this to them and they could click without thinking and end up with a computer virus or worst.  A lot of players will defriend you on the first offense of this to protect themselves.  Better safe then sorry.

There is one last way to check if you still think it might be a true Zynga/Mafia Wars post but these do not match up.  This way is simple, check with Zynga's Facebook Page: On this page you can see all of Zynga's Favorite Pages.  Just look down the left side toward the bottom you will see a group of 6 Images connected to Zynga Games.  Click Show All and see if your questionable app/page shows up here.  If it does not then it is not associated with Zynga directly, and can not do what they say they will do.Zynga uses other companies to post things to the fans walls, these 3rd party companies can not give you anything in Zynga's game but they use Zynga's shorten URL ( for a lot of their stuff.

credits go to: ~ Mr. Wizard  Mistyfied Mafia Wars &amp; Pimping