Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let The Ices Begin - FAQ


Many of you who participated and enjoyed last year’s family icing event requested us to bring back this feature in Mafia Wars once again.

Thank you for your suggestion. We are pleased to announce that the Family Icing event is back!

This icing mastery event will pit Families against each other in a competition to determine which is the strongest in Mafia Wars.

Family members will need to work together to ice enough players throughout the week to earn four levels of mastery items. Extra rewards will be given to the top 10 Families, so start working on your strategy to help your Family dominate in this test of power!

Each time your Family hits an icing mastery tier, every member of the Family will receive the mastery item. All ices done in Fighting during the event will count towards your Family’s icing mastery.

Family Mastery Reward: Pointed Threesome

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Number of Family IcesMastery LevelFamily Mastery Reward
300BronzePointed Threesome  (98 /140)
2500SilverPointed Threesome  (108 160)
6000GoldPointed Threesome  (118/ 180)
25000RubyPointed Threesome  (128 /200)
Bonus Prizes for the Top Families

The members of the top 10 Families will earn bonus prizes in addition to the Family mastery rewards. The top prize, awarded to each member of the Family that takes1st place, includes a Glass Blower (185/185 in the Gold level) and 20 Skill points!

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Check the below chart for more details.

1st Place20 Skill PointsGlass Blower (185/185 in the Gold level)
2nd Place15 Skill PointsGlass Blower (175/175 in the Silver level)
3rd Place10 Skill PointsGlass Blower (165/165 in the Bronze level)
4th Place10 Skill Points 
5th Place10 Skill Points 
6th Place5  Skill Points 
7th Place5 Skill Points 
8th Place5 Skill Points 
9th Place5 Skill Points 
10th Place5 Skill Points 
The winners will receive their rewards by end of 8/22/2012 PST. 

This event ends on 8/21/2012 at 23:59 PST. Get your families together and ice as many people as you can to demonstrate your collective might.

Please Note: The uses of bots or scripts (pieces of software code that allow you to automatically play the game) are strictly prohibited as per Zynga’s Term of Service found HERE.

 -The Mafia Wars Team