Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cross promo Mafia Wars - ChefVille (wrong rewards) - I liked the first version more!

On Wednesday, August 22, this year - ofc, Zynga posted "About ChefVille Promotion Rewards" on their Support Site.

Good post, indeed.

The best part was in the part "Mafia Wars". OOOO, there was such a great rewards standing there. RPs you can only dream about.  You can read original - first version of that Zynga's post on our blog post: and see part I am writing of in the first image bellow.

Personally i would very much like them not to change this!
But that was big lie, mistype or whatever. So Vlatko reported, just to help Zynga to fix that. 

 "Please see part for Mafia Wars on your post About ChefVille Promotion Rewards" - stands in report Vlatko sent.

The best part was answer from Zynga Support.

And here is Zynga's replay. They really wish to help Vlatko with THIS ISSUE.

Chef Jeiko understand Vlatko has concern regarding their cross promotion with Mafia Wars. He wish to help Vlatko with this issue.

Chef Jeiko, helloooo, Zyngaaaa, what the hell is going on there?!?


Oh, yes, Zynga has corrected and changed that part of cross promotion in their next update.