Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vampire Wars: Mafia Wars Bonuses

I've had so much fun collecting my stamina refills for playing Zynga Poker and Treasure Isle that I decided to check out Vampire Wars. There is talk of these bonuses being pulled soon so I won't be surprised if some or all of them stop working.

Getting the bonuses from Vampire Wars is very easy. First, ensure that the application is not blocked. Unblock it and give it permission to access your account.
Click on this Link, the Vampire Wars Icon located at the top of your Mafia Wars game or the message from your home page to start playing.
Make sure you get this message from your Mafia Wars game before you play or you will not get the bonus.
And this is the message you will get from your Vampire Wars game.
If it's the first time you have played you will have to give yourself a name after you click "Play Now".
You then get some advice.
From the home page, click on the "Missions" tab.
Click on one of the Missions 5 times and you're done.
You will get a notice telling you you completed the missions and click on the link to get your bonus.
The 3 types of bonuses you can get are as follows.
Experience Points
(10% of your level, 100 max)
1 Skill Point
5 Reward Points

Challenge Mission : Mumbai - Chapter 2!

Wooohoooo! Chapter 2 of the challenge mission is available now..

Chapter 2
Fights, Cameras, Factions

The chapter is opened and it needed about 8600 energy and 380 Bollywood film reels if you took the chapter in one shot ignoring the job meter..
This info comes from Kareem, thank you my friend..

What a very fast mission!

I have not finished it yet... but no need to hurry since we have around 4 days to accomplish this chapter... Be sure to collect your daily Bollywood film reels and add more mafia from my Pimp List...

Go go go!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mafia Wars Inventory VS Gifting

We have 2 kind of Mafia Wars tabs now..
The one which has Inventory tab. When you click on it, will bring you to 4 (four sections) ie Inventory, Loot, Collections & Vault and the last is Gifting..

While another players has different tabs..
The word of Inventory has changed to Gifting!

When you click on Gifting, you will arrive here..

And how to go to your Inventory page?
You can click on your Profile tab, it has 4 (four) sections now...
Profile, Achievements, Collections & Vault, and Inventory!

Have no idea why they made it these ways..

But don't worry, it doesn't affect anything... Only your game layout is changing..
You can still sending gifts, trading, checking your Inventory, etc...

Iron Titan!

Finally I see that someone got the rare item of the Pignata!

Woohooo! A very nice vehicle isn't it?

Love the defensive stats of this titan!

We can use this vehicle to climb the hill!

Keep trying, guys.. you can get it too..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Mafia Pop-Ups

I haven't been on my energy account in a while and got this pop-up when I went to My Mafia page. Munch Man is one of my Facebook friends but he was not in my mafia.
When I clicked on "Invite Friend!", I was able to send an invite that goes on Munch Man's Wall and not his external gift page. I hope he accepts my invitation. Who wouldn't want somebody named "Munch Man" in their mafia?
After this, I got another pop-up with 9 friends on it.
When I clicked on "Invite Friends", I got the standard Mafia Wars request that goes to the External Gift page. For those who don't already know, always ignore these because they do nothing for you. All Mafia Wars Invites are accepted within the game from your My Mafia page.
I'm sure this feature will motivate and remind players who have less than 500 mafia members to keep adding. Once you get a mafia of 501, you will not become stronger or more powerful for adding more. The only benefit to having more than 500 is to have more people to help and more people to help you

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Multi-Gifting Feature?!?!?

I had some time to check out the new multi-gifting feature which is in the Beta testing phase. To get to it, click on "Inventory" and then "Gifting"
It will appear st the bottom of your gifting page.
Select a gift, click open the drop box, select the number you want to send, search for the person(s) you want to gift, then click "Send". In the following example. I sent 10 Treasure Chests to my main account.
When I logged into my main account, the messages from my Home and Inventory pages notified me that I received 10 Treasure Chests.
I took screen shots from my Inventory before and after and the numbers matched up.
I then wanted to see how long it would take to send a larger quantity of items. I decided to send myself something more useful than a Treasure Chest and chose Bulletproof Glass.
I had to reset the drop bar to 10, scroll to find my name, check my name, and click send each time. It was very time consuming to send them all. It has been recommended that this number be increased. If it stays at 10, it won't be an effective trading tool. When I logged into my main account this is what my Inventory page looked like.
Again, the numbers in my inventory matched so items don't appear to be missing from using this feature.
Although the multi-gifting program won't help facilitate bulk trading if it stays the way it is, it will help you dump the loot you don't want anymore. I hated to do this to my mafia but I got rid of all my Brass Knuckles in just a few clicks. I had 130 to dump so I adjusted the drop bar to 10, selected 13 mafia members, clicked send and they were all gone. Rather than irritate 130 people for sending them 1 Pair of Brass Knuckles, I really pissed off 13 people for sending them 10. My bad.
If the number of gifts we can send at a time increases and the gifting delays decrease, I think we will all be much happier with the gifting system as a whole.

ZLotto Glitch!

You will need at least 1 ticket available...
Login to your Z-lotto.. don't open the ticket yet! If you have more than 1 ticket, it is even better..
Open as many tabs as you can... You can open maximum of 30 tabs or pages... Now it's the time to open all tickets you have on each tab..
Since they don't update all the tabs at a time you will have more change of winning...

So far I am still lack of 1 item..

Miss the Jackal! But I will get it for sure...

And another glitch from Margus...
He said ZLottery glitch is code... you can claim as many stuff you want as long you have a lot of email addresses.. no need to be mw account...)

Please Share!

Pignatas: Part 3

The Pignatas are finally here. I can't wait for them to be gone so I no longer have to type the word Pignata. You can start sending them from the new Free Gift page. There are some new features on this page that will improve the overall gifting system.
When you hoover over the Pignata, you get the option to send one or request one. This feature is no longer on my account. I like it and hope it comes back. I didn't get a screen shot of what happens when you click on request.
When you click on send, you get this page which has a "Recommended" button. When you click this, you get a list of people who have sent you the most gifts.
You accept the pigs by going to your Facebook home page and checking the external gifting page.
I was able to accept 3 of them. One the third Pignata, it said I could not accept anymore free Pignatas today. If we can only accept 3 a day and this only lasts for the weekend, what are the odds of getting the monster truck? Throw in the Zynga factor and I don't think many of us will get one. Please comment if you do.

Pignatas: Part 2

Is ironic that I just wrote an article criticizing the Official Mafia Wars Blog for not giving us any useful game information. They just added an entry about the Pignata's. What makes this useful is they list the items we can receive. They also hint around a lot about these pigs "exploding" and "bursting". I think we will see some cool graphics associated with the Pignata's.

Here are the Pignatas items..

This feature will start working sometime tomorrow. I checked it out now because there was an in-game message.
When I clicked on "Send Gifts", those cute little exploding "Pignatas" were no where to be found. I did notice we got another new Free Gift page. This one has a little banner above each gift to tell you what category it's in. Look for the Pignata's tomorrow and start sending them to your mafia.