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Arch Enemies 3rt part - Vitals Sight


Adventure World -New Zynga Game (Coming Soon)

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Grab life by the boulders! Coming soon, Zynga's newest game - Adventure World! Set during the golden age of exploration, you travel the world with friends in search of artifacts, secrets of the past, and adventure! Along the journey, you unlock ancient secrets, culminating in the final secret to be revealed in the lost city of gold: El Dorado!

Return To Cuba FAQ

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With the Neo-Imperium distracted by their criminal activities in other parts of the world, your chance has come to sneak back into Cuba. Your job progress will start for where you left off, but you’ll find a new tier of job mastery and powerful new loot. Be sure to hurry though, the Neo-Imperium won’t be fooled for long. Grab what you can while you can, because this temporary visa won’t last forever.

Q:  When is this event scheduled to begin?
A:  Players will begin to have access to this event on 08/30/11

Q:  How long is this event scheduled to last?
A:  This event will be available for two weeks, with a scheduled end date of 09/12/11.  There is a timer located on the event announce that will help keep you on track.

Q:  Will there be a slow rollout to all of the players for this event?
A:  As with many of our events, we slowly roll them out to ensure that they work as intended.  We do this a quickly as possible so that our players can start enjoying them!

Q:  Are my properties going to be the same as when Cuba closed the first time?
A:  Everything in your properties will be the same as you left them, and you will be able to collect from them as you did before.
Q:  Will there be increased mastery for this event?
A:  Yes! You will receive 3x Old City Job Mastery in Cuba.

Q:  Are the loot drops for Cuba going to be the same as before it closed?
A:  For this event new loot drops have been added.  Enjoy increasing your arsenal!

Q:  What is the Mission Boost?
A:  The Augmenter is a boost that you can send to your friends from the free gifts page.  This boost will help you to loot twice as many items for any collection task that you need to finish.  The more boosts you have, the faster you can complete your goals.

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Q:  How will I earn the Ruby Mastery item?
A:  By completing each Job level to the Ruby Mastery level.

Q:  What happens if I have already finished Cuba?
A:  Don't worry, there will be a new Ruby tier of Job Mastery so that everyone can enjoy the re-opening!

Q:  Will there be a consumable for this event?
A:  Yes.  You will need to collect the Cuban Mercenary, which can be sent through the gifts page.

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Q:  Is there a Ruby Mastery Achievement for this event?
A:  When complete Ruby Mastery of all six levels of Cuba is reached you will be rewarded with the 'Return to Cuba' achievement.

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New Marketplace Items - Fashion Fuchsia



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Cuba Updates

Info from Zynga Custumer Support

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During the anticipated re-opening of Cuba there were unexpected issues that arose regarding the empty robbing boards for our players.  The Neo Imperium has had Cuba in their evil clutches for too long.

But don't worry, we're working on the robbing boards and other related issues and will have an release that will go out tonight that will get you into that action.

Thank you for all of your early excitement, and we appreciate your patience while we work to resolve these issues for you!

The Mafia Wars Team

Cuban Mercenary

If you need Cuban Mercenary
You will find on Job -
Establish Contact With The FRG"

El Capitan  - "Meet With The FRG Leadership"

New Mission Event: Return To Cuba (all 7 Missions)


1.Mission - The Cat Is Away

2.Mission - Run The Guns

3.Mission - Nobody Say Nothing

4.Mission - With Us Or Against Us

5. Mission - Come One, Come All

6.Mission - Castle

7.Mission - Steal The Words
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thank you Zynga
you have lot of Bugs on Missions
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Ice Seasons 8