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Mafia Wars Shakedown Sweepstakes Rules


Here's the nitty-gritty!

Enter our Mafia Wars Shakedown Contest between October 19 and November 16, 2011, and be eligible to win:

  • Grand Prize: A 15" MacBook Pro!
  • First Prize: One of five 16GB iPad 2s!
  • Second Prize: One of ten solar iPhone chargers!
You can enter by:
  • Visiting to install the app to your iDevice!
    • Play the game and earn Mafia Points!
    • Every 1000 Mafia Points earned gives you an entry! (20 entries max per player)
We'll announce the winners around Thanksgiving!


Zynga Inc.
Mafia Wars Shakedown Promotion
Official Rules

During a Boss Fight, the Boss is outside the screen (Mafia Wars 2)

We have gotten reports from players that when a Boss Fight starts, the screen goes into 'Spotlight mode', but that the Boss himself may be outside of the screen's viewing area. Therefore, you cannot click on the Boss to attack them.

Today we wanted to share a workaround for this problem.  When this occurs, you can use your computer's arrow keys to move the screen so that you can click on the Boss.  This will let you fight them.

You can use the arrow keys to move the view around if you ever get stuck being unable to click upon anything in the game.

Hopefully this can get you back into the Boss Fights and allow you to pound on them.  Now go get 'em!

--The Mafia Wars 2 Support team

Fixed: Mission "Heads Will Roll" now properly shows progress. (Mafia Wars 2)

The problem with the mission "Heads Will Roll", which caused connection problems and lack of progress, has now been fixed.  You can now defeat 10 rivals to complete the mission.
Thank you for your patience!
--The Mafia Wars 2 Support Team

Mafia Wars Shakedown Trailer

Get ready for Mafia Wars Shakedown, the latest in Zynga's Mafia series!


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Hotfix Notes October 28,2011 (Mafia Wars 2)


Hey Crew! We just shipped an update to the game that fixes the following issues:

  • You'll no longer go out of sync if you heal a robbed worker.
  • The Heads Will Roll kill tally will now increment correctly, and you'll be credited for kills.
  • Friends with Benefits no longer causes an error if you try to go to your Home Turf from the mission info screen.

This & Next Week - 10/28/2011


Released This Week
The Mafia Wars "Sweetest Halloween Treat" Contest
Win an in-game item of your choice!*
New Mission Event: Money On The Water
Show the City of Traverse's owner you mean business to earn the River Otter (159/90).
Zombie Apocalypse Fight Event
Fend off Zombies as a Survivor or try to turn Survivors into more of your kind as a Zombie. Braaaaiins never tasted this good!
Chicago Districts 4-6
Become a legend 3 more times in 3 new Prohibition-era Chicago districts!
Deals Of The Dead
Reward Points are on sale today (10/28), and exclusive Halloween items can be found in our Marketplace sale (10/28-11/1)!

This Week's Major Bug Fixes
We jumped on a bunch of Zombie Apocalypse Fight bugs that revealed themselves as you played the brains outta the new event. We also addressed an issue with some property feeds posting as expired. If you are experiencing feed issues of any kind, please let us know via the Bugs & Support forum, where you can get the latest updates on known issues, fixed bugs, & solutions in development.

Coming Next Week*
*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.
Secret District: City Of Traverse
Family Boss Fight #4

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mission "Heads Will Roll" isn't showing progress. (Mafia Wars 2)

Today we are hearing from many players who are trying out our brand-new timed missions, but one mission is causing problems.
"Heads Will Roll" asks you to defeat 10 rivals in the alotted time.  Unfortunately, players aren't seeing any progress in the mission.

Players have also experienced a connection problem which forces them to refresh, reducing their number of wins.
Even though fighting against NPCs will increase the number of wins, only the Rivals defeated will count in the tally after you refresh your game. 

There is good news about this, however... If you refresh your game, the progress will be shown correctly. Please try to refresh your game to get that progress to show.
To refresh your game, hit the refresh button on your browser.  Then, you should see the correct number of victories against the rivals.
This problem will be fixed very shortly, so in the meantime, please use this workaround.
Thank you for your patience, and we will get this matter straightened out.
--The Mafia Wars 2 Support Team

New Marketplace Items


Deals Of The Dead

 Devour these spooktacular savings before they vanish.
Purchase 15 items from the Marketplace* to get Tools of the Trade. 
You gotta move fast in this town to get ahead and snap up these great deals! Earn the Tools Of The Trade before the event ends on November 1st at 11:59PM PDT. 

* Loyalty Program, Fight Club, Pawnshop, Treasure chest keys and items selling for less than 5RP do not qualify for prize.

Release Notes - October 27, 2011 (Mafia Wars 2)

Hey Crew, we’ve been cranking behind the scenes here making new content (coming soon!) and fixing the bugs you’re reporting. Keep reading to find out what’s new!

Of Special Note
  • Even more Halloween costumes have been added! Check out the Curse Warlock, Psycho Monkey, Full Moon Werewolf, and more!
  • The Like button has been added at the top of the game. You DID Like us… right?
  • Timed missions are in! If a mission has a time limit, the mission info screen will tell you how much time you have to complete it.
  • You can now cancel queued actions! Click on the ground to stop your queued up actions.

Additions &amp; Changes
  • You can now pay through some of the quests in Boxer Island if you don't wish to complete them on your own.
  • There's a new icon next to the language selector above the game screen - if you want to speed up your game, click this icon and then click on Allow!
  • When you rob a rival's worker, you'll get a nice, rewarding animation of them being wasted. Doesn't that feel great?
  • The Friend Help icon in boss fights has been changed to a Crew icon instead of a phone. This isn't Who Wants to Be a Criminal Mastermind, after all.
  • Crafting parts have been added as mission rewards.
  • If a building hasn't loaded in yet when you travel to a zone, you'll see a spinner to indicate that it's on the way.
  • We'll let you know with a popup when you start the game whether you have workers that need to be placed.
  • Inventory buttons for Equip/Unequip are different colors now.

  • Fixed a game freeze that could happen after you fought a rival on their turf.
  • The Leather Corset no longer breaks off at the avatar's waist.
  • The Energy Plant on your friends' turfs will no longer appear rotated and the smoke will come out of the smokestacks rather than being offset.
  • The Sanguine Thirst cape no longer cuts off other items worn on the bottom layer.
  • The rewards in the Infiltrate the Casino mission were actually better than we were telling you in the mission info screen. They've been updated to reflect that the lewt is phatter.
  • The "79/80" that appeared over crew job items has been removed.
  • The "Threatening" leaderboard title is no longer cut off.
  • The language selector globe in the upper right will appear consistently now.
  • The mission and task icons for Place a Parts Factory now match the new Parts Factory artwork.
  • Fixed an issue where Heat Meters weren't showing that they were full even when they were.
  • The Helping Hands mission can now be completed.

Chicago District 4-6



(pictures from Mafia Wars Wiki)


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse

User-added image

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! Put your fighting skill to the test in a battle for humanity.
Fight as either a Survivor fending off the Zombies or as a Zombie trying to turn Survivors into Zombies. The Zombie Apocalypse Fight Event starts on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011.
Your alliance is assigned at the beginning of each season; each season ends when the Zombie contamination has overwhelmed the game. Your alliance is identified by an icon next to your name and your screen border theme.
Earn Mastery tier items by icing other players - Survivors and Zombies, though scores are greater for icing those on the opposing side. There are many opportunities, depending on your score, to collect loot drop and mastery items for both sides, which are granted at the end of each season. Collect the final item in each Mastery tier to claim the reward and move on to the next; there are four tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby. Master both sides in order to become a stronger fighter. 

Q:  How is it determined whether I will be a Zombie or a Survivor?
A:  Which faction you fight for is determined randomly at the beginning of each season.  You will fight the entire season as the faction that you were assigned at the beginning.  (Important to note, however, is that you can use the antidote to become Survivor again, or get infected to become a Zombie.)

Q:  How long will each season last?
A:  Each Zombie Apocalypse wave, or 'season', can last from several minutes to a few hours.

Q:  How many seasons are there?
A:  There are not a pre-determined number of seasons. Each season will end when the Zombies overwhelm the game.

Q:  How do I earn the most points?
A:  You will earn more points by icing those on your opposing side.

Q:  How many mastery levels are there?  
A:  For this event there are four levels:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby

Q:  What are the number of points that I will need to earn for each mastery level?
A:  Each player will begin the season with 0 points.  The chart below shows how many points that you will need to for each level.  Remember, the seasons vary in length so you should ice your opponents as quickly as possible!

User-added image

Q:  Can I earn mastery for both Zombie and Survivor?
A:  You can earn mastery items as either a Zombie or a Survivor for each season, but only one mastery item per season will be awarded.

Q:  What if I don't want to be a Zombie?
A:  There is will be an antidote available for 7 Reward points that will cure Zombification as well as any new outbreaks for 2 minutes.

User-added image

October Collector's Edition Items (Update #2)

Collector's Edition Items
We have discovered an error in our previous Collector's Edition Item Schedule Update post. Contrary to what was previously reported, there will not be a Collector's Edition Item released on Friday, 10/28. The next Collector's Edition Item will be available on Friday, 11/4, which means there will also not be one on Tuesday, 11/1. We apologize for the error in our reporting. Below is the updated schedule for October. Stay tuned for the November schedule to be posted mid next week.
- The Mafia Wars Team
October Collector's Edition Item Schedule
Tuesday, 10/4:
Red Wolf Exo Suit
Red Wolf Exo Suit Friday, 10/7:
Cruise Rider
+5 Stamina
Cruise Rider
Tuesday, 10/11:
Sniper Gear
Sniper Gear Friday, 10/14:
Heavy Plated Patroller
+10 Health
Heavy Plated Patroller
Tuesday, 10/18:
Crowned Crane
Crowned Crane Friday, 10/21:
+4 Attack
Tuesday, 10/25:
Bulletless Friday, 10/28:
No Item

 info from Official Mafia Wars Blog

On Location: Zynga Studio Tour

Zynga is behind such social-networking games as Mafia Wars, Cityville, and Farmville, and here Morgan Webb gets a look at their new studio digs with Zynga COO Marcus Segal, even getting a sneak peek at the upcoming Mafia Wars 2.

Read more:

Release Notes - October 25, 2011 (Mafia Wars 2)


Hey Crew, we’ve updated Mafia Wars 2 again with new Halloween items, more content and changes and fixes to make your life of crime smoother on your rise to the top. Check out what’s new below!

Of Special Note
  • We did a separate hotfix to help fix the number of Out of Sync errors players were reporting. After you've played for a while, please vote on our poll and let us know if the hotfix helped you! (Note: You do not need to log into the forums to vote!)
  • We fixed a bug where you'd help a friend on their turf, but then lose the rewards. Thanks for helping us nail this one!
  • Pumpkin Bombs will now smash your rivals into bloody pieces.
  • When you pick up a special item and it flies to your profile pic, you'll get more information about the item, like rarity and stats.
  • Decorations in the Marketplace now unlock at level 1 (with the exception of the Structures tab). They’ve also had their prices adjusted and premium items have a new green background.
  • When you click on a dead rival in the Bone Yard, you'll now be asked to confirm that you want to travel to their turf to rob them. No more surprise trips!
  • When you peed in a fountain, your hair and clothes fell off during the animation. Even though this served you right we still fixed it.

Changes & Additions
  • Tier 1 crafting now has a health pack recipe.
  • The Place a Parts Factory mission icon has been updated.
  • New missions have been added to the tutorial to teach players about crafting.
  • The task icon on the info screen for Place a Crafting Workshop has been updated with new art.
  • Glancing Blow has a new animation to show that it did less damage - it's just a flesh wound!
  • Boss levels have been increased to match the max level for the zone they're in.
  • Some crafting recipes for equipment have had their stats adjusted to be more level-appropriate.
  • The Donkster & Rambler have new paint jobs.
  • Wander radius has been tweaked for rivals in the arenas.
  • If you don't have enough Gold Bars to pay for upgrade parts, you'll get a message saying so when you try to buy them.
  • The Kitty Roundup mission can now be completed, so turn in those… kitties! Meow!
  • Closing the "Accept" dialog when a friend offers help on your turf will no longer click through (and trigger) whatever was behind it - so you won't harvest the building before the friend can.
  • Feeds were sometimes taking 30 seconds or more to publish and could appear to be locked up. We have tweaked some code on our side to address the problem.
  • The Tormented Ghost clothing will now play nice with other clothes. Dress up your ghost with your favorite hairstyle!
  • The Claymore crafting recipe in Tier 2 crafting will no longer cause a display issue with Tier 1 recipes.
  • The hint for the Hijacking Armored Car mission has been updated with the correct requirements for the mission.
  • Cleaned up a few places where "{senderFirstName,name}" was appearing instead of someone's name in a feed.
  • Infiltrate the Casino now says Casino, not Bank in the Mission info screen.
  • The Place an Energy Station mission now tells you to recruit friends to staff the station, not ask for supplies.
  • Roteman doesn't turn visible in Downtown now until you get the mission to find him.
  • Your vehicles will show up on the Vehicles tab right away now.
  • Buildings which have been robbed now have a tooltip telling you so.
  • You won't stand on top of someone while attacking them now.
  • The social job in Westside Wharf has been fixed and can now be completed.

Lite Foot - New Marketlace Item


New Mission Event: Money On The Water (All 8 Missions)


1.Mission - Camptown Races

2.Mission - Crackdown

3.Mission - Forward Biased

4.Mission - An Offer He Can't Refuse

5.Mission - Or Maybe He Can

6. Mission - Hit Hard To Knock Hard

7. Mission - The Last Stand

8.Mission - My Way or the Highway



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