Saturday, May 30, 2015



  • Overlords is a 5-day event where you defeat 5 powerful bosses as they unlock progressively each day to earn their prized possessions as a reward.
  • Fight the first boss to gain access to fight the second boss and so on.
  • Each boss has a protective Shield that cuts down the damage received using Stamina.
  • You can destroy Shields using Combos, since Stamina Attacks on Shields will be deflected by the Bosses, dealing minimal damage on the Shields. You will be given 10 Ammo of each, to begin with.
  • Once the shield is destroyed, use Stamina/Ammo/Combos to defeat the Boss.
  • Each Boss has a different sequence of Ammo for Green, Yellow and Red Combos.
  • The bosses can be defeated using Stamina and 4 Ammo. Three Ammo will drop from clearing Robbing Boards, Fighting in a City or in The Arena, Jobs in any location except New York, and the 4th Ammo is available only on purchase.* All Ammo can also be purchased.
    *All daily limit timers reset at 11:59 PM PST (GMT – 8).

Critical Hit:
  • Critical Boost guarantees your chances of scoring Critical Hits.
    Critical Boosts you own:0
  • A Critical Hit is a Stamina/Combo Attack that deals 2x Damage on the Boss.
  • Once applied, this boost will last for 1 Critical Hit.
  • Once a boost is purchased, it automatically becomes active and is applied on the next hit on the Boss or Shield.
  • With an active boost each Ammo damage will be doubled and it will consume 1 boost. If 4 Ammo are used to create a Combo, 4 boosts will be consumed and each ammo damage as well as combo bonus will be doubled.
  • If you have less than 4 boosts and try to use a Combo hit, only the same number of Ammo as the number of available boosts will deal double Damage. After all boosts are exhausted any subsequent Ammo hit/ Combo Bonus will not be doubled.
  • Critical Boost will not double the Damage dealt on the Shield using Stamina.
  • Unused boosts and Combo Keys will be carried forward to the next season of Overlords.
The event ends on 3rd June at 11:59 PM PDT.