Monday, May 25, 2015

FAQ: Berserker Blitz: Mexican Onslaught


Go berserk in a no-holds barred Mexican Onslaught!

Q: What is Berserker Blitz: Mexican Onslaught? 
 Berserker Blitz: Mexican Onslaught is a new, limited-time event, where you Fight to earn Berserk Badges which can be redeemed for amazing rewards.
Please note that this event is only available in Mexico.
The event can be accessed through Home Page module and from the Fight Page in Mexico:


Q: What are Berserk Badges? How do I earn them?
 During the event, Berserk Badges will drop from Fighting in Mexico only. The drop rate of Berserk Badges will depend on the amount of Stamina burned in the Fights.
Berserk Badges will not drop in the Arena.

Please note that unused Berserk Badges will be removed from your Inventory when the event ends.
Q: What is new in this event?
Compared to the previous Berserker Blitz event, you can deal a lot more Damage in Fights during this event. There are a few more changes in this event as listed below:
·         Power Attack in Fights will be replaced by The Nuke Attack.
·         The Attack Button will deal a lot more Damage in Fights.
·         The Nuke Attack, once unleashed, will cause 15 times the Damage done by the Attack Button in Fights.
·         While this event is running, Boosts and the Mercenary in your Mexico Crew cannot be activated.
·         The cool down period to heal from the Hospital using City Cash has been reduced to 30 seconds during this event.
The above changes will only be available in Mexico while this event is active. These new massive attacks are enabled by a new resource called the Berserk Charges.
Q: What are Berserk Charges?
Berserk Charges uses a portion of the Stamina on your account and allows you to deal more damage during this event (while fighting in Mexico only). The amount of stamina used by a Berserk Charge depends on the total maximum Stamina on your account.
In the beginning, you start off with 200 Berserk Charges and each Attack on your opponent will cost 1 Berserk Charge.
The Power Attack button is replaced by “Nuke” Attack and each Nuke Attack will cost 15 Berserk Charges, resulting in a significant Stamina burn.

Q: What happens if I run out of Berserk Charges?
Once you run out of Berserk Charges, you will be unable to initiate an attack for the next 30 minutes, while the Berserk Charges recharge.
You have an option to purchase 200 Berserk Charges instantly for 4 RPs. Berserk Charges will remain active only while the event is running.

Q: What are the items available for redemption from Berserk Badges?
 You can redeem your Berserk Badges for amazing loot.
There are a limited number of rewards available for redemption, so hurry and earn Berserk Badges to redeem them for amazing loot as fast as you can.

The number of available high-end loot is fewer, so make the best out of your earned Berserk Badges.
There is a Maximum Limit on each of the items:

Q: How do I redeem Loot from Berserk Badges?
To redeem the Berserk Badges for this loot, Click on the “Redeem” button on the Home Page module OR go to the fight page and click on “Redeem” buttons for respective loot.
Please note that Berserk Badges will be deducted from your account every time you redeem them for loot.

You will be notified upon successful redemption of loot and the loot will be added to your inventory. Respective number of Berserk Badges will be deducted from your account.

Q: What if any of the loot is exhausted or not available anymore? Can I buy them using Reward Points?
 Tough Luck! These are special loot and only available through Berserk Badges. Once the items are exhausted or redeemed by other players, you cannot redeem them.
Exhausted loot will still be displayed on the Redeem option but will be unavailable for redemption.

Q: What is Resto Boost? 
 The Resto Boost Resto Boost vastly increases the rate of Health regeneration.  The boost can be activated using Reward Points. Once activated, the boost will remain active for 3 hours.
You can also get up to 4 Resto Boosts for free from Fights in Mexico daily until the Berserker Blitz: Mexican Onslaught event is active.
Q: What if I have already redeemed all rewards? Can I still use the Resto Boost while the event is active? 
 Yes! Once you have redeemed all available rewards, you can continue to buy and use Resto Boost while Fighting to regenerate your Health faster.