Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Crate Carnival


Collect 8 items from Crates to win an amazing reward and Skill Points.

Note: Any purchases made through exclusive discount packs such as Crate Bundles, Starter Packs, Booster Packs or Mega Packs will not be accounted for in Crate Carnival.

Playing Crate Carnival

1Buy Crates and collect items to complete Crate Carnival, and win an amazing reward and Skill Points.
2Hover over item slots to see which Crate they belong to.
3Items that are required for Crate Carnival will randomly appear in Loan Shark Crate and Theatrical crate
4Crates that are purchased may or may not contain items that are in Crate Carnival.
5The Crate Carnival Board will display the Start Time of the event. Please note that all Crate purchases made before this time will not be added to your current Crate Carnival mastery.

Restarting Crate Carnival

1Crate Carnival can be mastered again by restarting it.
2Restarting the Crate Carnival will reset your Start Time and will require you to collect the same set of items from the Crates again.
3All carnival items collected from crate purchases post the Start Time, will get accounted for in the current Crate Mastery round.
4Multiple purchases of a Crate Carnival item will not be carried forward to the next round of Crate Carnival mastery.