Monday, May 25, 2015

Berserker Blitz

Berserker Blitz: Mexican Onslaught is a new, limited-time event, available only in Mexico, where you Fight to earn Berserk Badges which can be redeemed for amazing rewards.

  • During the event, Berserk Badges will drop from Fights in Mexico. Redeem Berserk Badges earned for amazing rewards.
  • Don't delay! There are a limited number of rewards available, so earn and redeem badges as fast as you can.
  • In addition, you can only redeem each reward a limited number of times.
  • You can deal a lot more Damage in Fights during this event.
  • Power Attack in Fights will be replaced by The Nuke Attack.
  • The Attack Button will deal a lot more Damage in Fights.
  • The Nuke Attack, once unleashed, will cause 15 times the Damage done by the Attack Button in Fights.
  • While this event is running, Fight Boosts and the Mercenary in your Mexico Crew cannot be activated.