Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Vivido Chispa Collection


  • The Vivido Chispa Collection is a limited time collection event in Mexico.
  • Do Jobs in 7 select districts of Mexico and complete the collection to vault a La Bandera (338/258) and 8 Skill Points.
  • The event will run for 10 days and the collection items can be collected during this 10-day time period only.
  • Vault the Vivido Chispa Collection multiple times during the event to earn amazing rewards.
  • Each collection item will drop from Jobs in specific districts of Mexico.
  • Each item will drop for a maximum of once a day from the corresponding district.
The Enhancer doubles (2x) the Vivido Chispa Collection item drop rate. One Enhancer is consumed when a Collection item drops.
At the end of the event, your remaining Enhancers will be converted to Secret District 2x Loot Boosts.