Sunday, February 15, 2015



  • Only one cartel has dared to advance and challenge the reigning cartel, but this land can survive under only one reign.
  • Make your pick of the best cartel. Start Fights and Fight alongside other mafiosos.
  • The Don will give you challenges based on your capabilities. Complete the Don's Challenges daily to earn fabulous Loot and 3 Reward Points. Win each day with the highest number of Ices from Fights and The Arena to double these daily rewards.
  • Check your cartel's progress by clicking on View Rewards.
  • Collect at least 1 Ice for your cartel each day to earn the Associate Reward.
  • Cartel Dons will reward loyal Fighters (those who stick with their cartels for all 5 days) who win the Bronze level of Don's Challenge on all 5 days with 5 Skill Points.
  • This war will end in 5 days and the Cartel with the most number of daily wins will be declared the winner and be rewarded with stunning Champion Rewards(Metal Finish 361300, Kamikaze and Arena Stamina Refill).
  • If your Cartel wins, you are eligible to win the Champion Rewards only if you have been part of that cartel and completed the Bronze level of Don's Challenge for three days.
  • Fighters can switch loyalties to the opposing Cartel for 10 Reward Points.
  • BRIBES:On special occasions, the opposing Cartel Don might bribe you to join them for better rewards. These bribes will only be limited to the day you accept the offer.
  • The offer will be active for 4 hours and can be accessed from the Homepage by clicking on 'Join Anarchy Brigands.'
  • On switching cartels, your Ices and progress on the Don's Challenge will be reset for that day. You will also lose out on the Loyalty Reward.
  • Mind your bullying, or else frequent ices against a specific target will be melted and won't count towards the event.
  • You can redeem your final rewards within 7 days after the Cartel Clash has ended.
  • The Cartel Clash will end on 02/19/15 at 23:59 PDT.