Sunday, February 8, 2015

Loot Lottery

  • Loot Lottery is a limited time event that will run for 7 days.
  • Buy Loot Trunks & Skill Bags to collect Loot Lottery Items and Deals in order to complete the event and win a Grand Reward and Skill Points.
  • Loot Lottery Items and Deals that count towards your progression are marked with a and .
  • Loot Trunks and Skill Bags that are purchased may or may not contain Items that count towards your Loot Lottery progress.
  • The Loot Lottery Board will display the Start Time of the event. Please note that all Loot Trunk or Skill Bag purchases made before this time will not be added to your current Loot Lottery progression.
  • Loot Lottery can be completed and won again by restarting it.
  • Restarting Loot Lottery will reset your Start Time and will require you to collect the same set of Items from the Loot Trunk or Skill Bags again.
  • Multiple purchases of a Loot Lottery Item will not be carried forward to the next round of Loot Lottery.