Thursday, November 5, 2015



01ActiveJobsLondon0 of300%Job: "Approach The Police With Leads". (Go Now)
02LockedJobsBrazil0%Job: "Intimidate the Local Crime Ring".
03LockedArenaNo city0%Deal damage in Shootout Arena to loot x Shadow Tunic.
04LockedJobsChicago0%Job: "Recruit Loyal Gunmen".
05LockedArenaNo city0%Deal x Damage in Shootout Arena
06LockedJobsLos Angeles0%Loot x Dentist Friend from Job:"Lift A Chopper From The Airport".
07Locked   0% 
08LockedArenaNo city0%Deal x Damage in Mob Fury Arena
09LockedJobsMexico0%Loot x Bugged Out from Job:"Stumble Upon A Cartel's Secret Goods Drop".
10LockedPropertyMexico0%Collect from your Hacienda x times.
11LockedJobsLos Angeles0%Loot x Damselfish from Job:"Celebrate Your Success And Plot Your Next Move".
12LockedFightNew York0%Ice x opponents in New York
13LockedArenaNo city0%Get x Kills in Arena.
14LockedPropertyNo city0%Build x Weapons from your Weapons Depot.
15LockedJobsBrazil0%Job: "Make a Direct Assault on the RV Base".
16LockedArenaNo city0%Get x Arena Ices in Shootout Arena
17LockedFightLos Angeles0%Ice x opponents in Los Angeles
18LockedJobsLondon0%Loot x Mangalitza Pig from Job:"Forge The Reports".
19LockedPropertyChicago0%Collect from your Distillery x times.
20LockedJobsMexico0%Job: "Refuse Doctor's Diagnosis Of Amnesia".
21ActiveFightBrazil0 of1000%Loot x Shock Absorbed from Fights in Brazil. (Go Now)
22DoneFightLos Angeles100%Fight x times in Los Angeles.
23LockedWarMexico0%Declare a War x times.
24LockedJobsChicago0%Job: "Host Happy Hours on Board".
25LockedItemLondon0%Acquire x Vehicles.
26LockedWarBrazil0%Win x Wars.
27LockedArenaNo city0%Get x Arena Ices in Shootout Arena
28LockedRobbingBrazil0%Clear x Robbing Boards.
29LockedundefinedMexico0%Ask for x Siphon from Mafia.
30LockedArenaNo city0%Deal x Damage in Shootout Arena