Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Slaughter Season

Collect Pennants from Fights and Arena to earn mastery tier items. Your total Pennants at the end of the week determine your grand prize item.
  • Gain Pennants by icing players on the Fight list and by fighting in the Mob Fury Arena and Shootout Arena.
  • You can gain 1 Pennant for every 2 Ices in the Arena.
  • The number of Pennants you earn will be based on the category (Easy, Medium, Hard) of the players you Ice.
  • Earn Pennants to complete the Mastery tier. Collect the final item from each mastered tier to claim a Season reward and move onto the next tier. There are six tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald and an exclusive VIP tier.
  • Mind your bullying, or else frequent ices against a specific target will be melted and won't count towards the Season.
    Exclusive VIP Tier
  • A new VIP Tier will be available to VIP subscribers only.
  • VIP subscribers can access this Tier once they have mastered the Emerald Tier.
    Extended Event Timer for VIP subscribers
  • VIP subscribers get a 24 Hour extension on the event timer for Slaughter Season.