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FAQs - Japan


Rise to the top with Blood and Honor. Welcome to Mafia Wars - Japan!

Q: When will the new location be available?
A:  Mafia Wars - Japan will be available to all players at Level 25 and above, starting Nov 27, 2015.

Q: Do I get any Free Gifts when I start Japan?
A: Yes! We’re giving away 1 Lock Box that can be used to upgrade your Bank and help you finance your climb up the ranks of the Yakuza in Japan.

Q: Ascendance quest has disappeared - I have been working on it. When will I receive the rewards I am eligible for?
A: Rewards for Ascendance Event will be credited to your inventory as soon as you enter the new location - Japan.
The rewards will be based on the tier of Mastery completed for Ascendance as shown below.
In addition to the Mastery Rewards listed below, you will also receive 1 Lock Box to upgrade your Bank as an incentive to start exploring Japan.

Q: I haven’t completed any level of Mastery in Ascendance quest. Will I still get 1 Lock Box when I start playing Japan?
A: Yes! You will still receive 1 Lock Box.

Q: How many Districts are available in Japan?
A: Currently, there are 3 Districts available in Japan:
        District 1 – Rise of Tatsuya
        District 2 – Pachinko Winnings
        District 3 – Kabukicho Crimes
All the Districts can be completed by doing Jobs which consume your Energy. In order to proceed to the next Mastery Level of a particular District, you need to finish 2 types of Jobs. These are the Syndicate Job and the regular Jobs.
There are 4 Tiers to be mastered for each of the Districts – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby.
Please note that there are no Bandits, District Bosses, or Assets in Japan.

Q: How do I navigate through various Districts in Japan?
A: You can navigate through various districts in Japan by using the drop-down menu as shown below.

Q: What is a Syndicate?
A: In each District of Japan, there will be representatives from two Yakuza Syndicates: the Ikeda-gumi and the Senko-gumi, who will lend you their support at a price.

The Ikeda-gumi provide you a chance to get 2X Yen from Jobs while the Senko-gumi provide you a chance to get 2X Consumables from Jobs.

Q. How do I Gain the Favor of a Syndicate?
A. Gaining Favor with the Ikeda-gumi Syndicate will cost Yen while Gaining Favor with the Senko-gumi will cost Consumables.
Each time you gain Favor with either of the Syndicates, you earn a Consumable called Favor Token  which is required for completing the Syndicate Job. Each District in Japan has its own unique Favor Token.

You can keep track of the requirements to Gain the Favor of a Syndicate using the Syndicate Tracker shown to the bottom right side of the Job you are doing.

Q. What are the effects of Gaining the Favor of a Syndicate?
A. Every time you Gain Favor from either of the Syndicates in a District, you will gain Influence with that Syndicate while also earning additional Mastery and XP for the next 20 Jobs or the next 15 minutes in that District, whichever ends first.
Favored by Ikeda-gumi -

Favored by Senko-gumi -

You will also earn a Favor Token of the respective Syndicate for that District which will allow you to do the Syndicate Job.

Q. Can I “Gain Favor” while I am Favored with a Syndicate?
A. No. As long as you are Favored, you cannot Gain Favor again from either Syndicate.

Q. What is Influence?
A. Your Influence with a Syndicate is the measure of your Favor with that Syndicate.

Q. What does Influence with the Syndicates do?
A. Your Influence with a Syndicate will determine the strength of the Bonus they provide.
Each time you Gain Favor with a Syndicate in a District, your Influence with that Syndicate in that District will increase. As your Influence with a Syndicate increases, the Bonuses they provide will also increase.
Ikeda-gumi Bonus:

Senko-gumi Bonus:

If you Influence with a Syndicate is high enough, then the other Syndicate will penalize you by Withholding Yen or Consumables earned from Jobs in that District. Your current Bonuses and Penalties are shown right above the main Syndicate Influence bar, on the top of the District you are in.
Ikeda-gumi Bonus and Penalty:

Senko-gumi Bonus and Penalty:

Q. What is a Syndicate Job?
A. Each District in Japan has a Syndicate Job which can be completed by working with either of the two Syndicates. Doing a Syndicate Job with a Syndicate will greatly increase your Influence with that Syndicate.

Doing a Syndicate Job also requires Favor Tokens. Each District has its own unique Favor Token.

Q. What is the reward for completing a Syndicate Job?
A. Once you finish a Syndicate Job, you will receive Skill points as a reward.

Q. Does my Influence get affected by doing a Syndicate Job?
A. Yes, your Influence shifts drastically towards the Syndicate you choose to do the Job for.

Q. I have completed the Syndicate Job once, yet it is locked. Why?
A. Once you have mastered the Syndicate Job of a District, you will need to complete the remaining Jobs of that District in order to master the District and unlock the Syndicate Job once again.

Q. Can I continue to do Syndicate Jobs after completing Ruby mastery of a District?
A. Yes. Once you complete Ruby Mastery of a District, you can continue doing the Syndicate Job.

Q: How do I finish a District?
A. To finish a District, you need to complete all the regular Jobs and the Syndicate Job in a District.

Q. Does the Influence I have over the two Syndicates carry over to the next Mastery?
A. Yes, on completing one Mastery of a District, your Influence is carried over to the next Mastery level.

Q. Does the Influence I have over the two Syndicates in one District carry over to the next Districts?
A. No. The Influence you have over the Syndicates in the current District does not carry over to the next District and you start at Neutral

Q. Can I earn Influence with both the Syndicates at the same time?
A. No. You can only earn Influence with one Syndicate at a time.

Q: What is the Path Of Ascendance?
A: The Path Of Ascendance helps you keep track of the Syndicate you have Influence within each District in Japan. Click on the drop down  to view your Path Of Ascendance and the Syndicate you are currently Favoring.

Q. What does ‘Allied Syndicate’ mean?
A. The Syndicate you have most Influence with across the Districts of Japan will determine your Allied Syndicate. Click on the Path of Ascendance drop down <icon> to view your Favored Syndicate of each District and your current Allied Syndicate.

Q. What does my Allied Syndicate do?
A. Once you have achieved Bronze level of all the Districts in Japan, your Allied Syndicate will dictate your Path and determine who controls Japan’s criminal empire.

Q: How many City Properties are currently available in Japan?
A: Currently, there are two properties available in Japan – Kakutogi Stadium and Kyabakura Club. Mastering the first job in Rise of Tatsuya and Kabukicho Crimes will unlock them respectively.
Each Property gives you valuable resources to help you rise to the top of Japan’s Yakuza:
·         Your Kakutogi Stadium provides Yen.
·         Your Kyabakura Club allows you to craft Consumables.

Q: How does the Okane Bank work in Japan?
A: The Okane Bank needs to be upgraded in order to deposit more Yen. It has 5 upgradable levels with a minimum capacity to store up to 1,000 Yen and a maximum capacity to store up to 1,000,000 Yen.

The Okane Bank can be upgraded using a total of five parts out of which one part (Exchange Rate Board) can only be earned by mastering any Japan District to any level.

The other 4 parts can be collected from Feeds or can be purchased using RPs. You can post a Feed for a specific Bank part every 24 hours and can receive a maximum of 4 parts per Feed Post.

Below are the various levels and respective max capacities of the Okane Bank:

Q: What are the Mastery Rewards for Japan Districts?
A:  You will receive a Bronze Mastery item for completing the Syndicate Job and all the regular Jobs in each District.
Stats of this item will be upgraded, as you progress towards higher Mastery Levels (Up to Ruby Mastery)

District 1 – Rise of Tatsuya

Bronze Mastery - Dragon’s Blade(401/346)
Silver Mastery - Dragon’s Blade( 421/351)
Gold Mastery - Dragon’s Blade(451/361)
Ruby Mastery - Dragon’s Blade( 471/371 )

District 2 – Pachinko Winnings

Bronze Mastery – Pachinko n Dagger Chain (351/406)
Silver Mastery – Pachinko n Dagger Chain (356/426)
Gold Mastery – Pachinko n Dagger Chain (366/456)
Ruby Mastery – Pachinko n Dagger Chain (376/476)

District 3 – Kabukicho Crimes

Bronze Mastery – Companion (411/356)
Silver Mastery – Companion (431/361)
Gold Mastery – Companion (461/371)
Ruby Mastery – Companion (481/381)

Q: What is the use of a Crew in Japan?
A:  Recruit your fellow Mafia Wars players to earn special bonuses. Different Crew members help you do Jobs, Robbing, and Collect from Properties with more force. Each category has 2 separate roles that can be filled once every 8 hours. Activate all 6 roles to earn the maximum protection and bonuses.

All available Friends remain in the Queue until they are activated into Category Roles. All the Bonuses/Protection will be rewarded at the time of activation of Crew. Your Friends must accept Japan Crew requests so that they can be added to open queue spots. Once the crew request is accepted, both of you will become part of each other’s crew.

Crew Roles:
Jobs -
Strategist - Helps you get twice the Job Mastery for the next 20 jobs you do.
Lockpick - Helps you get twice the Loot for the next 20 jobs you do.

Robbing -
Scout - Triples the rewards at the cost of double Stamina for your first 3 Robbing boards.
Arsonist - Guaranteed success Robbing your first 3 properties for your first 3 robbing boards.

Properties -
Taskmaster - Collect twice the amount from all your Japan Properties.
Guardian - Protects you from being robbed in Japan for the next 8 hours.

Crew for Fights will be added soon in Japan along with other Cities.

Q: How many Collections are there in Japan?
A: As of now, there is one collection in Japan called the Sensu Collection.

Q: How do I get the Collection items?
A: Collection items drop while doing Jobs in Japan. The items for the Sensu Collection drop from the first 3 Districts of Japan..

Q. How do I Vault a Collection?
A: You need to collect all of the items required to complete the Collection in order to Vault a Collection. Once you have collected all the required items, click on the Vault Collection button to gain the associated bonus.

Q. Can I Re-Vault a Collection? What are the rewards?
A: Yes. You can vault a collection up to 3 times. Each time you Vault, you will be awarded another reward.

Q: What are the different achievements in Japan?
A: There are 18 achievements in Japan. You can view the status and progress of your achievements by clicking on Profile -> Achievements

1.       Mill-Yen-Aire - Earned by having 1 million Yen in the bank.
2.       Master Re-Crewter - Earned by acquiring a total of 200 Crew in Japan.
3.       Ultimate Samurai - Earned by winning 10000 Fights in Japan.
4.       Ace Constructor - Earned by fully upgrading one Property in Japan.
5.       Ninja Burglar - Earned by Robbing 5000 times in Japan.
6.       Marked For Life - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 1 in Japan.
7.       Pachinko Payout - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 2 in Japan.
8.       Dirty Business - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 3 in Japan.
9.       Yakuza Soldier! Bronze - Earned by completing the Bronze level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Japan.
10.   Yakuza Soldier! Silver - Earned by completing the Silver level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Japan.
11.   Yakuza Soldier! Gold - Earned by completing the Gold level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Japan.
12.   Yakuza Soldier! Ruby - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Japan.
13.   Cars2Cash - Earned by maxing out Influence with Ikeda Syndicate in District 1 in Japan.
14.   Smut Supplier - Earned by maxing out Influence with Senko Syndicate in District 1 in Japan.
15.   Long Con - Earned by maxing out Influence with Ikeda Syndicate in District 2 in Japan.
16.   Fire Starter - Earned by maxing out Influence with Senko Syndicate in District 2 in Japan.
17.   Private 'Donation' - Earned by maxing out Influence with Ikeda Syndicate in District 3 in Japan.
18.   Satisfaction Guaranteed - Earned by maxing out Influence with Senko Syndicate in District 3 in Japan.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Mafia Wars - Japan!


-Mafia Wars Team