Sunday, April 10, 2016

Zynga Support: "We are sorry"


I was just asking to fix "ask for help - jobs" and "ask for property parts" in Japan. 
This is what I've got back:

Julie S.
April 10, 2016, 19:02 +0200
Hi Mirna,

We are sorry to hear that you were so affected by our decision to remove Mafia Wars from our product line. 

This decision did not come easily to us. However, in an effort to continue the high level of game maintenance and customer support that we feel our users deserve, we simply have to retire some of the less popular and aging titles from our catalog

We are confident that if you visit our website and try out some of our other titles that you will be able to find a high quality replacement there.

To help you find new games to play and enjoy we would also like to offer you a one time, complimentary bonus package. You may choose to transfer to either Empires & Allies or Poker and we’ll credit it. 

To provide you with a bonus package, you must have an existing account in the Zynga game you wish to receive the package. If you do not have an account in one of these games but want to start playing, please create your account before requesting your package. 

Please note that your account will not be completely transferred over to the new game – only a bonus package will be added to the account in the other game. 

Furthermore, we appreciate your feedback/suggestion about the game. I will take note of this and share to the team for their review and consideration.

While for the unable to ask for parts, items on the game, we thank you for reporting this to us. We've been receiving similar reports about this and rest assured that this will be taken cared of. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Julie S.
Zynga Player Support