Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Safesmith (in the game already)


  • Safesmith is a 17-day event in which you crack safes using lockpicks to win amazing rewards.
  • Each safe has 6 slots which can be filled with up to 6 lockpicks.
  • Use more number of lockpicks to increase your chances of cracking the safe successfully.
  • The on the Home Page indicates that you could collect up to 2 lockpicks from Jobs and Fights on that day.
  • These lockpicks cannot be carried over to the following day. The remaining lockpicks can be purchased for 5 RPs each.
  • The percentage of your success in picking the lock is indicated by the 'Lockpick Meter'.
  • The Consistency Bar will indicate the number of successful or unsuccessful cracks.

  • On completing the event by earning all the rewards and 3 Achievements, you will earn an Event Mastery reward (Stinger Tank 450422) and 60 Skill Points.

  • You can play Safesmith again by clicking on the Restart button, once you have completed the event.

  • The event will end on 04/04/16 at 23:59 PST.