Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Family Feud - STARTED

New Family Feud

  • Family Feud is a 7-day event in which leagues of Families fight it out against each other for awesome rewards.
  • Your Family will compete with 89 others based on your Family Strength.
  • Collect Ices to place on the Leaderboard. Add to your Family's Ice Score and finish in the top 30 Families on your League's leaderboard to earn awesome rewards.
  • Winners will be rewarded based on the final scores at the end of the day. The Leaderboard will reset every 24 hours.
  • Family Feud will not be available to you if you switch or create Families during the event.
  • Private Arena Ices do not count towards the progress of this event.
  • The event ends on 03/12/16 at 23:59 PDT.