Friday, October 9, 2015

New Challenge Mission: London

 This is a 9-day event. Earn exclusive items for completing each Job of the London Challenge. Jobs in each succeeding Chapter will reward you with more valuable items. You can get up to 3 exclusive items by completing Challenge Mission: London. Earn all 3 items to become more powerful.
 Earn 1 Skill Point every time a Job is completed.
You need Spotted Deers to do Jobs. Collect Spotted Deers from:
 All daily limit timers reset at 11.59 PM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7)
*Collect daily from Challenge Missions. Note: Spotted Deer will not drop from Robbing in Mexico.
The more Jobs you complete, the higher the Job Heat Meter rises and the more difficult it is to evade the Police. Manage your Job Heat Meter to a low level to dodge them and safely complete the Challenge Mission. The Heat Meter resets after 8 hours from the time you last did a Challenge Mission Job, so plan your Jobs accordingly to avoid getting caught.

You can collect Spotted Deers from Challenge Missions once a day:
When Chapter 1 is available you can get a maximum of 20 Spotted Deers per day.
When Chapter 2 is unlocked, you can get a maximum of 25 Spotted Deers per day.
When Chapter 3 is unlocked, you can get a maximum of 30 Spotted Deers per day.
Complete each Chapter to go to the next one. The next chapter has a countdown timer for it to be unlocked. The Jobs from the next chapter will only be available once unlocked and if the previous Chapter has been completed.
You can also earn Spotted Deers from:
Ask friends to join your Crew and receive 5 Spotted Deers for every Crew member added.
 The crew slots reset each time a chapter is completed.
Hurry! Unfold each Chapter and unveil great rewards.