Saturday, October 31, 2015



Build items from 3 featured Limited Time Global Properties over 15 days to earn a fabulous reward.
How to play
Get extended time to request for parts for these featured Limited Time Global Properties: Boxing Gym, Crash Test Center and Halfway House.
These properties appear in the 'CRAFTMANIA' tab, located next to the 'LIMITED TIME' tab on the 'Properties' section of your Home page.
You can request for parts for all 3 featured Limited Time Global Properties by posting feeds.
Every 'Ask' request will yield up to 6 parts for a particular Property.
You can also request for specific parts by clicking the 'Ask for more' button in the Upgrade tab for the featured property and get up to 6 parts.
Each type of request can be made once every 8 hours.
Get up to 4 bonus parts by scanning your news feed and clicking on Build and Upgrade brag posts from your Mafia.
How to claim Reward
You can claim a fabulous reward, Glass Specter (291,403), upon building the Level 15 items from all 3 featured Global Properties five times.
Your built items will continue to give you extra Skill Points(defense, energy or attack) for every build.
If you have already upgraded the featured Limited Time Global Property to Level 15, you need to build the Level 15 item five times post 10/31/15 00:00 PDT (GMT-7). Your builds before the start of Craftmania will not be considered for your progression towards claiming the reward.
You can claim the reward only once.
VIP Subscribers will not be given a time extension for Craftmania.
This is a Limited Time Event that starts on 10/31/15 00:00 PDT (GMT-7) and ends on 11/14/15 23:59 PDT (GMT-7).