Thursday, January 1, 2015

FAQ: Offshore Turfs


Visit your home turf and gain access to a rival’s turf for amazing Loot.
Q: What is Offshore Turfs?
 Offshore Turfs is a new event with two secret turfs to claim - one being your home turf (Mexcaltitan) and the other one a rival’s turf (Cancun). This is a limited time event which will be available for 12 days starting from 6:00 AM PST on Jan 1st 2015.
Q: How do I access Offshore Turfs?
 Offshore Turfs can be accessed through the Travel Menu by clicking on “Mexcaltitan” or through the Home Page Module.

Q: How do I play? Which consumables are required for doing Jobs in Offshore Turfs?
 There are two turfs in the Offshore Turfs event for you to claim.
You begin with doing Jobs in your Home turf – Mexcaltitan and mastering the turf to Bronze Level. Once you successfully complete the Bronze Level of Mexcaltitan, the rival turf – Cancun will be unlocked and available for invasion.
Please note that some jobs in Mexcaltitan will require a Consumable “Fraud Friendly” which can be obtained from doing other jobs in Mexcaltitan or through gifts from your friends.

Once you master the Bronze Level of Mexcaltitan, you will be able to unlock and travel to the rival Turf –Cancun by paying 200 Pesos.

Please note that Cancun will only be available for 30 minutes once you unlock it.
All jobs in Cancum will require Fruit Punch which can only be obtained by doing jobs in Mexcaltitan.

After the 30 minute timer expires, Cancun will be locked you can travel back to your home turf, Mexcaltitan until Cancun reopens again after a period of 4 hours. You can skip this cooldown timer using Reward Points.


Q: Who is Thalia Ruiz? 
 Thalia Ruiz is the boss of rival turf – Cancun who will try to stop you from doing jobs in Cancun. While doing jobs in Cancun, you may encounter her and will be alerted of her presence by her assistant.
You can choose to stall her when you are alerted of her whereabouts or continue doing jobs to fight with her.

If you continue doing jobs, Thalia might find you and you will need to defeat her in order to get back to doing jobs in Cancun.

Q: How do I fight Thalia Ruiz? 
 You can attack Thalia Ruiz using Stamina OR Ammo. Below is the list of ammo available:

Crack of the Bat – Drops in Robbing 
Knife Slash – Drops in Jobs
Knuckles Punch – Drops in Fights
Fraud Friendly – Drops in Mexcaltitan

Q:  What is the difference between attacking the boss with consumables and attacking him with my stamina?
  A Stamina attack use up your Stamina and the base damage you do is based upon your attack strength. Ammunition items do not use Stamina and they do a variable amount of damage (range based) to the boss per attack.
Q: Are there special combos to deliver an extra punch?
 Yes. There are a total of three combos that can be used to deal incrementally more damage to the Boss. You must use the correct order of four the ammunition items in a row to unlock four move special combos. These combos can also be unlocked and used using Reward Points. 
Q: What are the Rewards? 
 Both Mexcaltitan and Cancun can be mastered up to 4 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby) and will reward you with the following powerful Mastery rewards:
Mexcaltitan Rewards:  Mastering each job in Mexcaltitan will give you 1 Skill Point. Mastery loot is Printed Pride
Cancun Rewards: Mastering each job in Cancun will give you 2 Skill Points. Mastery loot is Boa Constrictor
Boss Reward: Defeating Thalia Ruiz at different mastery levels with reward you with Blue Sail
Apart from the above, you will earn high valued Loot from Jobbing in both turfs.
Mastery Loot Stats:

Q: I defeated Thalia Ruiz in a particular mastery level of Cancun and brought her health to Zero but she appeared again. Why? 
 Thalia Ruiz cannot be killed and she will regain her health after some time. If you continue to do jobs in Cancun, she might appear again.
You can defeat her again while Cancun is unlocked and earn the Mastery Reward.