Thursday, January 22, 2015



  • Dominance is a 5-day event in which families continually outperform each other to claim control over 3 territories (Energy *, Stamina and Swag) and earn territorial rewards.
  • Click on each territory to view and complete their respective tasks in order to claim control over the territory.
  • Each League has 90 families of similar Strength.
  • The first 30 families from every League to complete a territory's task will take control of that territory and go up the leaderboard.
  • Click on a territory to view its respective leaderboard.
  • Seize control of a territory from an opposing family by beating its score.
  • The event is divided into 8-hour contests. The top 30 families on the leaderboard at the end of each contest will win the respective territorial rewards.
  • The top 30 families on the leaderboard for each territory will win a Stealth Winger( 317275) for each territory at the end of each contest.
  • The top 3 families on the leaderboard for each territory will also win 3, 2 and 1 Skill Points, respectively.
  • Tasks and leaderboard for each territory will be reset every 8 hours.
  • You can post a Feed every 4 hours and earn 5 Pink Powers for each Feed.
  • Earn up to 30 Pink Powers each day by having your Friends click on your Feeds.
  • You can receive a total of 15 Pink Powers each day by clicking on your Friends' Feeds.
  • Dominance will not be available to you if you switch families during the event.
  • Ices earned from Rematch, Private Arena and one-on-one Challenge will not be considered for the event.
  • Rewards will be automatically granted when you return to the game within 3 days after the event ends.
  • The event ends on 01/26/15 at 23:59 PST.

Amplifier Boost
  • During a contest, players can purchase the Amplifier boost  to immediately activate the boost for all family members.
  • An Amplifier boosts your score for 15 minutes and the duration will be indicated by the Amplifier Timer .
  • Amplifier Boosts can be used multiple times:
  • Activate the first Amplifier to add a 2x boost to each family member on all tasks performed from that instant.
  • Activate the second and third Amplifier while the first Amplifier is active, to increase the boosts to 4x and 6x, respectively.