Monday, December 1, 2014

FAQ: Cyber Monday Rave


Q: What is new in Cyber Monday Rave Marketplace Sale event?
Cyber Monday Rave is a Special Marketplace Sale event with an additional Frenzy Meter which will fetch you additional discounts on LE Loot & Skill Points based on your spend in the Marketplace.
Please note that the Marketplace sale will function as usual and Frenzy Meter will not affect your progression.
The Frenzy Meter works based on the amount of total Rewards Points spent in Marketplace and the frequency of these transactions within a period of time. The more and faster you purchase, the higher you go on the Frenzy Meter and can earn even better discounts.
Cyber Monday Rave can be accessed through the Home Page module and directly through the Marketplace:

Q: What is Frenzy Meter and how does it work?
Frenzy Meter indicates a combination of total Reward Points spent and the frequency of purchases in a given time.  The Frenzy Meter has 4 Zones (1 to 4) and the needle will indicate which zone you’re in at a given point of time.
The needle on the Frenzy Meter will move up (clockwise: Zone-1 to Zone-4) if you keep spending Reward Points in quicker intervals and will start moving down (counter clockwise: Zone-4 to Zone-1) if you stop or reduce the frequency of spending Reward Points.
Based on the Frenzy meter Zone which you’re in, you will receive various discount rates on Limited Edition Loot and the purchase of Skill Points from Marketplace.
Below are the discount rates (*Applicable only for the purchase of Limited Edition Loot and Skill Points from Marketplace):
Zone-1: Additional 4% Discount on current discount %
Additional 8% Discount on current discount %
Additional 12% Discount on current discount %
Additional 16% Discount on current discount %
You can view the status of your Frenzy Meter on Home Page Module or Marketplace Module.

Q: What impacts the movement of Frenzy Meter’s needle?
Based on the frequency of your purchases and total Reward Points spent on Marketplace transactions, the Frenzy meter needle will move upwards towards Zone 4. The needle will start moving downwards if you stop or reduce the frequency/amount of Reward Points spent.
The more you purchase, the higher you go on the Frenzy Meter and can earn even better discounts as stated above.
You will be notified as soon as you move to a new Zone of Frenzy Meter:

Q: What is the “Zone ‘4’ Challenge” and what is the Zone ‘4’ Challenge Timer? 
A:  As soon as you hit Zone-4 in the Frenzy Meter, 
the Zone '4' Challenge timer will be activated. The Zone-4
If you stay in the Zone-4 for 4 continuous hours, you will win the Zone ‘4’ Challenge and earn a Precision Assembler (367A/278D).

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of times I can win the “Zone ‘4’ Challenge” and receive “Time Of Death”
No, there is no limit on the number of times you can win this challenge.