Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Get Recruited by a Mafia Wars Family?

Family Recruitment
Hi Mobsters,
If you are interested in being recruited by a Mafia Wars Family, you've come to the right place. You have two options to help the Family evaluate you:

1) Post your Mafia Wars Profile Link.

This is the green link that appears on your Profile Page under "Share your profile". Please keep in mind that posting your Profile Link may open you up for an attack in the game.

2) Post your stats from your Profile Page and Fight Page.

Copy and paste your stats from the Profile Page and Fight Page. Make sure you include your Skill Stats and Equipment Stats. It may also be a good idea to include the miscellaneous stats such as Jobs Completed and Fights Won.
To get recruited, you will need to post the above information on our Forum thread --->
Read our archived Family Recruitment posts here for reference --->
-The Mafia Wars Team