Saturday, November 15, 2014

FAQ: Panic Attack

Q: What is Panic Attack?
A: Panic Attack is a new Limited Time Event in which you open packages on the game board, looking for awesome Loot and Skill Points while trying to evade hidden bombs.
Each Game Board has three packages containing bombs and you must try to avoid opening these packages.
As soon as you open a package containing a bomb, it will end the current game board and reward you with the loot / skill points from packages already opened.

Q:  For how long will Panic Attack be available?
A: This feature will be rolled out to all players on November 13th, 05:59 PST and will end on November 23rd, 05:59 PST.

Q: How does Panic Attack work?
A: You can access Panic Attack from the Home Page Module.

Clicking on “Go Now” will take you to the Game Board and you will be able to see the following sections on the game board:

Timer: Indicates the time left for the event to end.
9 Wrapped Packages: Out of the 9 packages, 3 packages contain Bombs and 6 packages contain Featured Items and Skill Points that may or may not contribute to your progression to the next Mastery level.
Featured Items (required for Mastery progress, marked in numbers): Apart from the regular items which you can win unwrapping the packages, you will be able to see Featured Items which will have a number mentioned against them.
You are required to collect these items (in sequential order) to be able to progress in the Mastery bar.

Event Mastery Progress Bar:  This bar will indicate the progress of Featured Items collected for the current event (before restart). If you have collected a Featured Item, corresponding number will be check marked in the mastery progress bar.

The Mastery Bar progress will be visible on the Home Page module as well as on the Game Board.

Bombs Hit: You can earn the Bomb Deflector Reward (Bomber Pilot) based on the number of “Bombs Hit” in the complete event until you restart.
You will only be eligible for this reward on completing the Ruby Mastery of the event.

Defuse for 25 RPs: You can use Defuse option for 25 Reward Points to diffuse all the bombs on the current board and win the all the rewards on the board.

Using 'Defuse' will not add to the 'Bombs Hit' counter.
Once the Bombs are defused, you will receive a pop-up to view the 6 rewards you’ve achieved:

View Rewards: You can view the rewards collected by clicking the “View Rewards” from the Home Page Module or by clicking “View Rewards” from the Board.

Note: Once you restart the event, the collected rewards will be automatically moved to your Inventory.

Q: Do I get a Free Game Board? 
A: Yes, for a limited period of time, you will get one free board.
Please note: The unused free boards will not be carried forward to the next day.
You have an option to purchase the Game Boards using RPs.
Click “Go Now

After purchasing the board, if you are on the Home Page Module, click “Go Now”:

Q: How does the mastery work? What are the Rewards?
 The Featured Items that are labeled with numbers (1, 2, 3 … , 19, 20) are required to achieve the various Mastery levels.

For example: Items labelled 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 will not appear on the board until you have achieved the Bronze Mastery.

There are 4 Mastery Levels:
  • Bronze Mastery: Win items labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.
  • Silver Mastery: Complete Bronze Mastery and also win items labelled 6,7,8,9 & 10.
  • Gold Mastery: Complete Silver Mastery and also win items labelled 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15.
  • Ruby Mastery: Complete Gold Mastery and also win items labelled 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20.
Mastery Reward (Rufous Kingfisher):
-          Bronze Mastery (295340);
-          Silver Mastery (305355);
-          Gold Mastery (325, 390);
-          Ruby Mastery (355, 435).

Every time you reach a particular Mastery Level, you will be notified through a confirmation pop-up:

Q: What happens if I unwrap the Bomb in the first package?
A: You will eligible to earn a reward if you unwrap the Bomb in the first package of the Game Board.

Q: Can I restart Panic Attack?
 Once you've mastered the Ruby level, you can restart Panic Attack and play again. This will reset your event and will require you to win the same items from the boards again. You can restart the event multiple times.
Upon completing the Ruby Mastery, you will receive the Mastery Reward as well as the Bomb Deflector Reward.

Restart the game:

(Once you restart the Event, the Skill Points earned and Bombs Hit count on the Game board is set to “0”, and the Rewards will be greyed out)

Q: Where can I find the Skill Points earned?
You can view the Skill points earned in the “Rewards Section”

Thanks for playing Mafia Wars!
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