Friday, November 28, 2014

FAQ: Saltillo Bonus Jobs Event

Q: What is different in the new District of Mexico - Saltillo?
A: The new district – Saltillo will be available to all players in Mafia Wars and will NOT require unlocking any of the previous Districts. 
Unlike other Mexico Districts, Saltillo does not have a District Boss to fight off. Instead, Saltillo brings back the Bonus Jobs!

Q: What is a Bonus Job?
A: A Bonus Job is a surprise drop in Saltillo District of Mafia Wars Mexico. Bonus Jobs gives you an opportunity to win special Loot and XP. Once dropped, the Bonus jobs are available for a limited time only (15 minutes), so you need to be quick to collect the Rewards.

Q: Are Bonus Jobs available in other Districts of Mexico too? How many Bonus Jobs are available?
A: At this time, Bonus Jobs are only available in Saltillo District of Mexico. There are a total of 4 Bonus Jobs available.

Q: For how long will the Bonus Job be active?
A: Once you get a Bonus Job, you will have 15 minutes to earn rewards. The timer displayed above the Bonus Job indicates the time left.


Q: What will happen after the timer expires?
A: The Bonus Job will be locked once the timer expires. You can do continue to do regular jobs for a chance of getting another Bonus Job loot drop again.

Q: What are the Rewards?
A: While doing a Bonus Job you will be awarded special loot, XP and City Cash.  

Q: Will activating a 2x loot drop Bonus increase the chances of getting a Bonus Job in Saltillo?
A: No, activating a 2X loot drop Bonus will not increase the chances of getting a Bonus Job loot drop.

Q: Will doing a Bonus Job consume my energy?
A: Yes, just like normal jobs, Energy will be consumed while doing a Bonus Job.

Q: How many Bonus Jobs can be active at a given time?
A: At a given time, only one Bonus Job can be active.

Q: How many Mastery Levels are there for Saltillo Bonus Jobs?
A: Each Saltillo Bonus Job has 4 levels of Mastery – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby.  At any given time, mastery levels in Saltillo Bonus Jobs cannot be achieved beyond the District’s current mastery level.  
For example: You will be unable to master a Saltillo Bonus job to Silver level if you are still in the Bronze Mastery of Saltillo itself. 
In such cases, you will be alerted and will be required to progress with the Mastery of Saltillo in order to unlock the next Mastery Levels in Saltillo Bonus Jobs:

Q: What is the Saltillo Bonus Job Event?
A: Saltillo Bonus Job Event is a 10-day event which will end on December 7th 2014. The status of this event can be viewed from the Home Page Module. 
In this event, you can earn up to a Ruby Road Burner (330A/420D) and 25 Skill Points if you complete the Ruby Mastery of all 4 Bonus Jobs in Saltillo within the time limit of 10 days.

There are 4 levels of mastery:

Q: Are there any additional Rewards on completing the Ruby Mastery in Saltillo Bonus Jobs?
A: Yes, you will be rewarded with 1 Skill Point for mastering each level of Saltillo Bonus Jobs. If you successfully complete Ruby Mastery on all 4 Saltillo Bonus Jobs, you will earn the Datos Driven Achievement.