Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FAQ: Gifting Spirit


Loot and Gift special items to progress on the Mastery bar.

Q: What is Gifting Spirit?
A: Gifting Spirit is a new event where you can Gift Special Loots to your friends and progress on the Mastery bar.

Q: When will the event start?
A: This feature will be rolled out to all players on November 12th 2014, Midnight PST.

Q: How do I access Gifting Spirit?
A: Gifting Spirit can be accessed from the Home Page Module.

Q: How do I get the Special Loot?
A: Special Loot will drop from Jobbing, Robbing, Fighting and Arena. You will also be able to view the Loots earned for the day in the “What’s this” section.

View the total Special Loot available

*There will be a Special Giftable Loot that will drop for all VIP players.

Special Giftable Loot will drop from all Destinations, except New York.

Q: How does Gifting Spirit work?
A: Special Loots are dropped from Jobbing, Robbing, Fighting and Arena. These will be available for you to gift on the HP mode.
Gift these items to your friends in order to progress on the Mastery bar and to earn a Mastery Reward.

More information about Special Loot items:
These items are only meant to be gifted and hence they will not get added to your Inventory or count towards your Mafia Attack and Mafia Defense Skill as you loot them.
You can give only 1 gift to a unique player/friend on a given day (in 24hrs).
Please note that these items cannot be added to the Wishlist.
The Special Loot you receive from your friends will be added to your Inventory automatically.

Q: Where can I view the Special Loot?
A: Collect atleast one of each item from Jobbing, Robbing, Fighting or Arena to view them on the Home Page Module.
Please note: A maximum of 25 of each of these special loot will drop every 24 hours.

Q: Is there a limit in accepting Special Loot?
A: Yes, only 50 Special Loot can be accepted in 24 hours from your friends.
Note: Special loot sent to you will be available for 2 days, so claim them from the message center before they expire.

Q: How do I Master the event?
A Gift items to your friends to view the progress in the Mastery bar.
You will see the progress in the Mastery bar regardless the receiver has accepted the gift or not.

Once the Mastery bar is full, you will be granted with a Mastery reward. The Mastery bar progresses and moves to next tier () or resets as and when you gift items to your friends.
Mastery Level
No of Items to be gifted to achieve Mastery

Note: When you are in the Gold Mastery, gift exact items to your friends to reach Ruby Mastery level and achieve the Mastery reward.
If you have gifted more than what it requires to reach the Ruby Mastery, the progression is not counted when the Mastery bar resets towards Bronze level.

Reward Item:

Q: Can I Master the event once I collect the Ruby Mastery Reward?
A: Yes, once you reach Ruby Mastery it will automatically reset your progression and you can Master the event again.
You can master this event up to 10 times.

Q: When will the event end?
A: The event will end on November 18th 2014, 23:59 PST.

Thank you for playing Mafia Wars!
Mafia Wars Team