Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Offshore Turfs - Isla Espiritu Santo


  • Offshore Turfs is a new event that runs for 12 days with two islands, one being your home turf (Isla Espiritu Santo) and the other one a rival's turf (San Jose Island) to claim!
  • Only on completing Bronze Mastery of Isla Espiritu Santo, you can travel to your rival's turf, San Jose Island.
  • Use the 'Travel' button to go to San Jose Island at a travel cost of 200 Pesos for a limited time of 30 minutes.
  • Some Jobs in Isla Espiritu Santo will require a Consumable, Money Clip, which can be obtained from Isla Espiritu Santo or Gifting.
  • Jobs in San Jose Island will require a Consumable, Bomb Drone, which can only be obtained from Jobbing in Isla Espiritu Santo.
  • While Jobbing in San Jose Island, you may encounter Yalonda Martinez, your rival boss. However, you can stall her when you are alerted of her whereabouts.
  • When you are alerted, you can stall the boss for the next 10 Jobs for 5 RPs.
  • If you choose not to stall her, you may face her head on in a Fight, during which you will be unable to Job in San Jose Island.
  • Find and use combos to deal higher damage quickly to keep Yalonda Martinez at bay and continue Jobbing in San Jose Island.
  • Once the San Jose Island timer expires, you can travel back to your home turf, Isla Espiritu Santo until San Jose Island reopens again after a period of 4 hours.
  • The timer can be speeded up for 10 RPs.
  • You will earn high valued Loot from Jobbing in both turfs.
  • Earn 1 Skill Point on mastering every Job in Isla Espiritu Santo and 2 Skill Points on mastering every Job in San Jose Island.
  • Both Isla Espiritu Santo and San Jose Island can be mastered up to 4 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby) and will reward you with the following powerful Mastery rewards: