Thursday, April 2, 2015

Collecting Easter Baskets

 How To Play:
Collect Easter Baskets to redeem them for eggciting loot. Collecting Easter Baskets will also help you find all the 7 items from the Eggsclusive Basket Collection.
You can earn upto 175 Easter Baskets per day from Jobs, Fights, Robbing, Feeds, Gifting and the Arena.
Collect and spend as many Easter Baskets as you can for 12 days.
How To Redeem Easter Baskets:
  • Collect Easter Baskets.
  • Redeem Easter Baskets for some eggciting loot items.
  • Loot items are redeemed in a sequence. For example, Carotas Hazardous will remain locked until Chocolate Decorator has been redeemed at least once.
    Anna Blue Butterfly will remain locked until Chocolate Decorator and Carotas Hazardous have been redeemed at least once and so on.
  • A loot item can be redeemed for a maximum of 3 times.
  • Easter Baskets can also be purchased for Reward Points.
  • Collections:
  • Earn or purchase 150 Easter Baskets to fill up the Progress Bar and find an item from theEggsclusive Basket Collection.
  • The progress bar will reset once a Collection item has been found.
  • Redeeming Easter Baskets for loot items will not affect the progress bar.
  • Find all 7 Collection items to complete the Eggsclusive Basket Collection.
  • Vault the Collection to get aHightops292359